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Spreadin' the Buffalove

26 May 2020

Buffalove Awards $10K in Grants to COVID-19 Relief for Hungry Children

As everyone’s lives have been turned upside down, so too have the lives of children who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, more than 17 percent of mothers with children under 12 reported that they couldn’t afford to feed their children enough food. Compare that to 2018 data, in which just 3 percent of mothers reported the same thing.

In response to one of the worst periods of widespread food insecurity we’ve seen in modern times, Buffalove believes they have a responsibility to give back — more now than ever before. In response to the pandemic, the foundation quadrupled its grant money to $10,000.

Organizations to receive grant money

Organizations receive grant money In recognition of their commitment to feeding children in need, Buffalove granted awards to 20 organizations in total in Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Those who received donations include:

  • Harry Chapin Food Bank. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Harry Chapin Food Bank serves five counties in Southwest Florida and more than 151,000 people. More than a quarter of those they serve are children, and most are working families who struggle to make ends meet.
  • South Texas Food Bank. This food bank in Laredo, Texas provides food to children, families and seniors. They offer on-the-spot emergency assistance and disaster relief efforts across the state and are currently responding to COVID-19 by providing emergency food boxes to anyone in need.
  • Kansas Food Bank. Committed to providing hunger relief to 85 counties around Wichita, Kansas Food Bank is dedicated to safeguarding the health of food-insecure Kansas families and children, senior citizens, homeless, chronically ill and impoverished people.
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository. In response to the growing need for food, Greater Chicago Food Depository quickly developed COVID-19 relief programs. They are adding pop-up pantry sites along Chicago’s South and West sides, assisting with getting children’s school meals to families in need, and keeping essential food programs running with safety precautions.

“We are proud to have partnered with so many incredible organizations,” said William Stone, Buffalove Coordinator. “[We] feel fortunate to be in a position to support so many people during this time.”

Back in 2016, Buffalo Wings & Rings President & CEO Nader Masadeh created Buffalove, committing to giving hungry children access to regular meals. The Buffalove foundation typically awarded up to $2,500 a quarter in grants. In such difficult times, the importance of these donations became clear.

“Through our Buffalove Foundation, we strive to serve more communities and feed more hungry children year-after-year,” said Masadeh. “We know that it’s more important to give back now, than ever before.”