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What’s New What’s New Three Cheers for Our New Extra-Crispy Hickory Smoked Wings August 23, 2022 That’s right, we’ve added smoked wings to our menu. And not just any smoked wing, but a sweet hickory smoked traditional version with extra-crispy, tasty skin that makes for one delightfully delicious chicken wing. Want to know more? Read on! Continue reading...
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Community & Lifestyle Community & Lifestyle Flats or Drums? We Weigh in on the Great Chicken Wing Debate August 10, 2022 You’ve ordered your favorite wings and they arrive at your table. Which wing piece do you tear into first — flats or drums? In the world of chicken wings, wing flats vs drums is a much-debated issue. But which is correct? Both? Neither? We’ll lay out all the facts and let you decide between Team Flat or Team Drum. Continue reading...
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Community & Lifestyle Community & Lifestyle Why Serve Celery With Chicken Wings and 6 Other Common Chicken Wing FAQs July 28, 2022 Soothe your curious mind by finally learning the answers to the queries that have been plaguing you, like: Why is celery served with wings? Why are they so expensive? Are chicken wings healthy? And more. Continue reading...

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