Sauce It Like It’s Hot: 7 Clever Ways to Use Our Wings Sauces When Cooking at Home
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Sauce It Like It’s Hot: 7 Clever Ways to Use Our Wings Sauces When Cooking at Home

June 03, 2022

Wings and Rings is known for so many things: our bright, inviting dining rooms, our elevated fan experiences, our menu chock full of inspirational flavors, and of course our signature wings.

But true Wings and Rings fans know our signature wings are best when they’re swimming in sauce. Whether you choose to have your traditional, boneless, or veggie wings slathered in one of our five Chef’d Up Sauces or one of our seven Classic Sauces (of varying heat levels), you know you’re in for a treat.

Speaking of spectacularly saucy wings, did you know our sauces are also available for carry out and delivery? That means you can order extra of any of your favorite sauces or just order a sauce by itself. That way, you can enjoy more of the sauces you love at home on all sorts of foods and incorporated into other dishes.

Not sure what to sauce? Let these ideas inspire you!

7 Ways to Enjoy Wings and Rings Sauces at Home

1. Sandwiches and wraps. If you love condiments as much as we do, then we know you’ll love adding our sauces to sandwiches, wraps, sliders, and more to give them an amazing flavor boost. Some of our favorite combinations include adding Sweet BBQ to a smoked turkey club, Garlic Parmesan to a Caesar chicken wrap, and Ghost Pepper Ranch to a grilled portobello and veggie sub.

2. Mix into mayo for dip. Mayonnaise is good but have you ever tried adding Wings and Rings wing sauces to plain old mayo? The flavor combinations are nearly endless and mayo sauce is excellent for dipping or slathering on top of just about any meat. Our go-to mayo mixes include making spicy mayo by adding in classic Buffalo sauce or Korean. Or go more mellow with your mayo by combining it with teriyaki or lemon pepper. All options are fantastic with fries, terrific with tots, and overall ah-mazing as a dip for those occasions when you make smoked wings at home.

3. Thin sauces into a dressing. Looking for a way to take that old potluck pasta salad up a notch? Find a recipe for a basic noodle salad, toss in all your favorite ingredients and top with a homemade dressing courtesy of Wings and Rings and a little liquid. Simply take about a cup of your favorite wings sauce (for a fun twist on pasta, try a spicy Asian option like Sweet Thai Chili or Sweet Habanero) and add a liquid (like warm water or milk) a tablespoon at a time, whisking until it reaches the desired thickness (be careful not to thin it out too much). Pour it over the pasta salad, mix, top with some sliced green onions or sesame seeds, and serve warm or cold.

4. Add it to an appetizer. We’ve made dips and dressings but how about adding one of our popular sauces as an ingredient in an appetizer? One of our favorites is, of course, Buffalo Chicken Dip. Make it twice as nice (and save yourself a trip to the store) by using diced or shredded boneless wings in the dip as well. You could also combine our Garlic Parmesan sauce into a hot spinach artichoke dip or spread a layer of Garlic-Q right under the cheese in a 7-layer Mexican dip or mix it right into a homemade queso.

5. Use it as a dip for fries/tots. Nothing fancy here, but have you ever considered using our delicious sauces as a dip for other foods besides wings? We’ve been known to dunk our celery in Buffalo Sauce, our natural cut fries into Ghost Pepper Ranch, and our Saratoga chips into Bourbon BBQ.

6. Asian sauces for stir fries. Do you love making stir fries but aren’t sure of the right combo to make a sauce? The easiest shortcut ever is to simply order one of our Asian sauces (Teriyaki, Sweet Thai Chili, or Korean) and add to whatever it is your stir-frying. Our sauces taste so good on chicken, pork, beef, and even tofu! Chef Dan suggests making a leftover chicken stir fry bowl using leftover Wings and Rings chicken, whatever veggies you have on hand, and your sauce of choice.

7. Over burgers and meatballs. Our sauces are so tasty. Why not slather them on top of burgers, chicken sandwiches, or even meatballs or meatloaf? Heck, have you ever tried our Garlic Parmesan sauce with fish? It makes a great topping for salmon and kids love to dunk fish sticks into it too.

Ready to stock up on our sauces for all your dipping, adding, mixing, dressing, and flavoring needs? Stop in to your nearest Wings and Rings location, order on our app, or online for delivery or carry out today!

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