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11 February 2021

Wings to-Go Like a Pro: Carry-out tips and leftover ideas

Maybe you used to indulge in a weekly hangout at your local sports restaurant, complete with friends, family and impeccably flavored wings. What could be better? But amid the sports outages and restaurant lockdowns of 2020, customers have been opting to carry-out more than they’re dining in.

New to being a regular carry-out customer? Don’t worry; when you get carry-out wings, you won’t have to sacrifice the mouthwatering flavor or an overall great experience if you follow our tips for 5-star wings to-go:

Get extra sides of sauce.

When you’re dining in, it’s easy to see how quickly you go through sauce and ask for more. But when you’ve already driven home, you're out of luck unless you go back. Be sure to request extra sauces when you order your meal — especially the specialty sauces like Garlic-Q or Peach Habanero.

Order ’em plain with a whole bunch of sauce.

To keep your wings as fresh as possible, consider ordering them plain with a sauce flight so you can try the many sauces we have to offer. Mix and match away!

Check for a rewards program.

Once you find a great wing restaurant for carry-out orders, there will be no going back. Before you order, see if your favorite restaurant has a loyalty or rewards program. When you earn free wings after an order or two, you’ll be glad you did!

Over-order for the leftovers!

Can’t finish all your wings after bringing them home? There’s nothing wrong with over-ordering. You can still enjoy hot, crispy wings another day.

How long can chicken wings stay in the fridge?

Your chicken wing leftovers can stay in the fridge for three to four days, according to the FDA. You shouldn’t leave your chicken wings at room temperature (40 degrees Fahrenheit or above) for more than two hours. So instead of leaving them out on your coffee table for a midnight snack, be sure to pop them back in the fridge till you’re ready to reheat them.

Leftover chicken wing recipe ideas

Heat them up or use them to make buffalo chicken dip, add them as a topping on a pizza, or sprinkle them into a caesar salad.

For leftover boneless wings, Chef Dan, the head chef at Buffalo Wings & Rings, recommends whipping up a chicken stir fry bowl.

“What we use [at Buffalo Wings & Rings] stays juicy, especially if you use a very hot saute pan or hot wok,” Chef Dan said. “It’ll seal all those juices in.”

To make a chicken stir fry bowl:

First, cut the chicken into small pieces, then dice up any vegetables you have available — red pepper, carrots, cabbage, anything.

Next, add some oil to a wok or saute pan. Add in the chicken, followed by the veggies. Heat up some rice (even microwavable rice will do). When the ingredients have reached desired doneness, top with the sauce of your choice from Buffalo Wings & Rings and mix it all together.

“That’s the beauty of stir fry; they’re just wide open,” Chef Dan said. “You can even use noodles [instead of rice]. I like udon noodles or fresh ramen noodles. If you have one of those two [plus] the chicken and the sauce, your work is pretty much done.”

For other ideas for using up leftover chicken wings, check out our post on easy tailgate foods for game day.

Congratulations: you’re now fully prepared to become a regular carry-out wing customer. And the next time you find yourself wondering “How long is chicken good in the refrigerator,” you'll know the answer is three to four days.

Craving fresh chicken wings to-go? We’ve got you covered. Check out our menu and order online today.