Order Like a Pro for the Big Game with Wings and Rings
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Order Like a Pro for the Big Game with Wings and Rings

February 03, 2022

By now, you probably have a pretty solid handle on the whole online ordering thing. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s how to enjoy our favorite foods in the comfort of our own homes. You’re accustomed to carry out, curbside pickup, food delivery services, and contactless everything (all while racking up those app rewards, of course).

You might think this personal take on mealtimes weakened our dining-out desires. But we would argue all of this food finagling was just training for the Big Game! How? Well, all that online ordering caused us to reinforce our website so it could handle more traffic. What was once a temporary implementation of curbside pickup became permanent in some Wings and Rings locations. Plus the need to feed a variety of crew sizes led to the creation of new Bundles and Party Packs and catering options.

You helped us create an even more well-oiled machine, one that can take on just about any bowl game gathering you're planning — even THE BIG ONE on February 13th. We’ve got our wings stacked high and our carry out containers at the ready because it’s sure to be a big night. Our advice? Don’t wait to order food for your party. Instead, follow our 4 tips for ordering like a pro for the big game and leave no stomach empty.

4 Tips for Ordering Like a Pro

1.Download the app and get free wings.
What’s that you say? Free wings? Heck yes! Just keep your eyes peeled for a field goal or an attempted field goal — and free wings will be automatically added to your app, ready for your next order.

The details:

  • Join the Sauciety to become a member by downloading our app and signing up.
  • Tune in to the Big Game on Sunday, February 13th and watch for a field goal or an attempted field goal. We won’t annoy you with complicated scoring scenarios just to get a reward. We want our loyal Sauciety members to get free wings the easiest way possible!
  • Check your app on Monday, February 14th for your 5 free wings reward!
  • Redeem your 5 free wings during your next trip to Wings and Rings between February 14-18.
  • Enjoy!

2.Order online.
When you order online, you can choose pickup, DoorDash, or head on over to our app. Whichever way you choose, you’ll find navigating to your favorite foods a cinch. Plus, once you sign in, you’ll be able to save your order today for quick-and-easy access in the future and also be able to earn Sauciety app rewards.

Once you’ve ordered, you’ll receive a notice as to when it’ll be ready, so you can plan your pickup or delivery times accordingly.

3.Order early.
You can go ahead and assume you’re not the only one who will be craving our delicious Wings, Ranchero Tots, Nachos, and Saratoga Chips come that Superest of Sundays. Our kitchen is hopping during every bowl game and this one will be no exception. That’s why it’s a great idea to get your order in as soon as you know how many guests you’re having and how much food you will need. When it’s time to check out, select the option to pick up at a “future date and time” of your choosing.

4.Order a wide variety for all guests.
While *almost* everyone loves wings, you will find a few exceptions to that rule. For your vegetarian friends, be sure to request an order of our delicious, hand-breaded Cauliflower Wings in a sauce of their choosing. Or consider the Southwest Veggie Burger, Bayou Salmon Sandwich (sans bacon), or a meat-free appetizer sampler.

For your carnivore cronies, Traditional Wings are a great bet. Select your sauce (Chef’d Up, Classic, or Dry Rub), choose your style (traditional, boneless, tenders, or veggie), and top it off (with our delicious, homemade bleu cheese or ranch dressings, plus crunchy celery sticks, of course!).

Got a big crowd? Then our Bundles and Party Packs will be a sure-fire hit. Get a bit self-serving by ordering either our Nacho or Loaded Potato Wedge Bar (or both!). Our Designated Hitter Packs and Party Packs come with plenty of options too, like tenders, wings, dipping sauces, tortilla chips (with that yummy queso), potato wedges, and other choices of sides.

And, because we like to keep the big game hype alive, how does this next idea sound?

Bonus: Halftime Greats Spotify Playlist

Listen up! We’ve added a great, new, football-appropriate playlist to our Spotify station to help get you hyped for the Big Game.

Halftime GREATS is our latest curated playlist, this time dedicated to the greatest halftime performers of all time. From Madonna to Bruce Springsteen and from Lady Gaga to Coldplay, this list is sure to get your party pumped up!

We’re thrilled to be able to offer you all of these options for the game and hope this helps fuel your big-time football festivities. To recap: Invite your friends and family, order a variety of food ahead of time, watch for that field goal (and free wings loaded to your app!), and do it all while rocking out to some of halftime’s greatest performances. We can't wait!

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