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11 May 2021

Curbside Pickup Makes Takeout Safe & Easy

Let’s just say this past year has been a few sandwiches short of a picnic, to put it mildly. We’ve all abruptly had to adapt to new ways of doing everything, from work to school and from seeing friends and family to having anything remotely resembling a social life.

We could probably list the reasons the pandemic has been terrible all day long, but some good has come out of it too. Lots of short-term changes have led to long-term evolutions. For example: More people will now be working from home indefinitely. Kids are amazingly adaptable. Turns out, that meeting actually did work as an email.

For Buffalo Wings & Rings, we found serving our customers in different ways has led to an even better customer experience. When our restaurants shut down for indoor dining, we did an about-face to focus on only carryout and curbside pickup. In doing so, we discovered our new business model was wildly successful and our customers were thrilled to still be able to safely get the food they love. In fact, our curbside pickup did so well, we decided to keep it around indefinitely.

Picking Up Your Chicken Take Out

Chicken wing take out is a safe, contactless solution not only for our customers, but for employees too. The same food you’ve always craved can be ordered on our loyalty app or over the phone, boxed up, and carried out or brought directly to your car.

“At BW&R we have always had carryout, but when COVID hit we knew we needed to step up our game,” Social/Advertisement & Buffalove Coordinator William Stone said. “Restaurants across our system had their own way of creating that contactless experience. Most of them utilized space in front of their buildings. The customer would place the order, pull to a designated parking space at the restaurant, then text or call to inform the staff that they were there to pick up their order. When it was complete, the staff would bring the order out to their car.”

Stone says that this way of doing carryout will continue to live on even when the restaurant returns to normal operations. Why? Well, for starters, it works! You are still able to order the same Buffalo Wings & Rings food you love (earning points from the Buffalo Sauciety along the way), pay easily, and avoid the hassle of standing in line. Plus, our food travels well — chicken wings are great when ordered to go (and they reheat easily, too!).

In addition, our customers love getting chicken take out. Stone says that making the shift from dine-in to curbside and carryout was worth it. “Our customers told us over and over how much they loved that they could still get their wing fix...safely,” he said. “We will continue to focus on carryout and how to make it even better for our guests.”

Order Curbside Pickup in 4 Easy Steps

Are you ready to place your favorite Buffalo Wings & Rings order curbside? Follow these 4 easy steps!

  1. Order and pay like a VIP online or right on your app.
  2. Drive to the appropriate restaurant location.
  3. Pull into one of the designated curbside pickup locations and call to let an employee know you’re there to pick up your food.
  4. Wait in your car while an employee verifies your order. They will then bring it out to your car when it’s ready.

"Alexa, place a Wings and Rings curbside order!"

What are you waiting for? Download our Buffalo Sauciety app and place your order for curbside pickup today from your favorite Buffalo Wings & Rings location!