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11 November 2021

Try Our 4 New Tasty Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken Sauces Today

What is it that makes Asian flavors so darn delicious? Sure, the bold, appetizing, and spicy taste of soy, garlic, chili paste, and peppers plays an integral role. But many Asian sauces and spice blends also contain unexpected ingredients that go beyond simply adding heat and strong flavor. For example, the use of fruit, sugar, and vinegar adds a touch of sweetness and tang that helps balance out the spice and savoriness of many common Asian preparations.

When we were experimenting with new sauces to put on our menu, adding Asian-inspired flavors was number one on our list. Why? Well, as Chef Dan explains, “It was the flavor profile we needed to balance out and expand the [other] flavor profiles on the menu. These profiles have a good balance of sweet, salt, acid, and heat. Balance is the building block for Asian-inspired sauces.”

It is with this in mind that Chef Dan created several new menu items featuring Asian sauces. Which one will you try first?

4 Asian-Inspired Menu Items You’ll Love

From the Korean Chicken Ringer with gochujang sauce to the Teriyaki, Sweet Thai Chili, and Korean sauce options available for all varieties of wings, we’ve successfully blended both the expected and unexpected tastes of Asia throughout our menu offerings.

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Korean Chicken Ringer. What could be better than a house-made beer battered and premium-cut chicken breast on a toasted brioche bun? A sizable slather of zesty gochujang sauce with Asian slaw, that’s what. Add a side of natural-cut fries with extra sauce for dipping.

“The gochujang sauce was so good we [saved it to] use it uniquely on a sandwich that didn’t require the standard mayo-based sauces, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, “ Chef Dan said. “We took shredded cabbage and added gochujang sauce, sesame seeds, cilantro, and jalapenos — and we do this to order. This is all placed on top of the chicken breast and it's so fresh and crisp — the perfect accompaniment to fried chicken.”

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Teriyaki traditional wings. Order our traditional, boneless, or cauliflower wings with a generous helping of teriyaki sauce on top. This sweet and tangy, mild sauce is traditional with a twist: We blend soy sauce and pineapple juice to create the perfect sauce for your wing order.

Chef Dan also recommends putting our Teriyaki sauce on Wings & Rings grilled boneless chicken for a healthier option.

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Sweet Thai Chili cauliflower wings. Sriracha chili sauce meets salty, savory soy sauce with a hint of sweet in this medium-spicy, mouthwatering sauce. It’s perfect for topping off an order of our vegetarian, fried, crispy cauliflower wings.

Or, if you prefer your Sweet Thai chili sauce on chicken, Chef Dan recommends trying it as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders to create your own deliciously sweet and spicy sriracha chicken.

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Korean boneless wings. For those of you that love extra-hot wing sauces, this Korean sauce is for you. Relying on Korean gochujang chili paste for heat, brown sugar for sweet, and other Asian flavors to round it out, this savory sauce pairs great with our boneless wings.

And, if you’d like to try our Korean gochujang sauce at home, Chef Dan suggests “Adding it to any vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or cauliflower. Or use it as a dipping or basting sauce for any protein (think: gochujang chicken), or it’s a perfect sauce for a stir fry, too.”

Although Chef Dan was intentionally vague when we asked him if we might be seeing more Asian sweet and spicy sauces for chicken wings in our future (wink, wink), one thing’s for sure: If you order now or visit your nearest location soon, you can taste what you’ve been missing today!