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09 June 2021

Get Hot for Our Chef’d Up Flavors

At Buffalo Wings & Rings, our ideas start with you. Every new wing, sauce, burger, cocktail — you name it — goes from your mouth to our ears. In fact, our process for turning your cravings into reality can take up to a year to perfect.

When we discovered that many of our customers preferred we turn the heat up a notch (or two or three) on our wings, we got to work. Through trial and error in our test kitchen, we learned that while simply choosing a heat level works for some of our wing sauce options, for other flavors it’s not as straightforward.

“Not all of our sauces are ideal for offering a heat level option because the addition of another sauce clashes with the original flavor,” Chef Dan explains. In those cases, it’s better to start from scratch with new recipes that fall into certain heat levels than to keep trying to force current flavors to get hotter.

It was after a continual evaluation of heat levels, trends, and balancing out the main flavor profiles that our new Chef’d Up sauces were born. Five new sauce flavors that range in heat on our flame scale from one flame (mild) to five (atomic) were recently added to our menu. And now, together with our dry rubs, these Chef’d Up sauces round out our full complement of wing flavors and heat levels.

Whether you prefer your wings on the mild side or the wild side (with an extra beer to make the pain go away), we now have all the levels of the Scoville heat scale covered.

Scoville Scale

We like to provide a wide range of heat levels to satisfy all of our customers. To do that, we measure our sauces and dry rubs against the Scoville scale. Created in 1912 by pharmacist Wilbur Scoville, the Scoville Organoleptic Test measures the heat of chili peppers and is recorded in Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

To determine SHU, Scoville measured the concentration of capsaicin in each pepper. Capsaicin is present in some amount in all chili peppers and acts as a chemical irritant to mammals (like us humans). It is responsible for the uncomfortable burning sensation and subsequent sweating, panting, and liquid chugging that ensues after eating too-spicy food.

For us, our Chef’d Up sauces and dry rubs fall all over the scale, from bottom (mild) to top (atomic) in nearly equal measure. What makes our flavors unique is our ingredients. It’s not always all about the peppers, though we have that too!

enter image description here

Teriyaki. Our take on the traditional Asian teriyaki flavor blend incorporates soy sauce and pineapple juice to create the perfect combination of sweet and tangy that’s just right for these mild chicken wings.

enter image description here

Lemon Pepper Dry Rub. We have nothing to hide here with this mild wing dry rub. Tart, bright lemons mingle with fresh cracked pepper to create a simple, yet amazing seasoning.

enter image description here

Sweet Thai Chili. Our chef combined the umami of soy sauce with the tangy heat of Sriracha chili sauce to evoke the flavors of Thai cuisine in this medium-spicy sticky/sweet sauce.

enter image description here

Cajun Dry Rub. Garlic and red pepper are the key ingredients in this medium spicy dry rub wing treatment that gets its roots from the cuisine of Louisiana settlers.

enter image description here

Sweet Habanero. To offset the heat of aged habanero peppers, Chef Dan incorporated the tart and tangy flavors of the mango fruit in this finger-licking-good hot wing sauce.

enter image description here

Korean. This spicy preparation relies on Korean Gochujang chili paste for heat and brown sugar for sweet in combination with other Asian flavors that take this extra-hot wing to the next level.

enter image description here

Ghost Pepper. The cooling, zesty taste of ranch dressing is combined with the extra spicy ghost pepper to create the hottest wing flavor on our menu; so hot we refer to it as “atomic.”

Ready to test your taste buds with our new Chef’d Up wing sauces and dry rubs? Come visit us at your nearest Buffalo Wings & Rings location or place your order for curbside pickup straight from the app today!