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20 September 2019

Ask the Experts: How to Cook Chicken Wings

Have you ever found yourself frustrated trying to recreate your favorite Buffalo Wings & Rings chicken wings at home and failing miserably? How do they get the skin so crispy? How do they get the sauce so tasty and...saucy?

Don't be too hard on yourself. It took us years to perfect the cooking methods to ensure the tastiest, crispiest wing delivery and our hot, savory, and sweet sauce recipes that have been seared into your brain and taste buds but have been thus far unduplicatable in your kitchen.

To help eliminate some of our wing fan frustration, we got our very own Chef Dan to open up about how you can achieve a similar wing at home.

What's the Proper Way to Make Chicken Wings?

Although Chef Dan preferred to share with us a comedic representation on how best to eat wings, he had no reservations on telling us how to cook 'em. After all, he's spent years in food research and development, refining recipes for everything from steaks and seafood to most recently, chicken wings.

His take on the most perfect wing? It's all in the skin. "The real secret is for them to have extra crispy skin," he says. "You cook them once and then cook them again. They either need to be baked or fried once to get the skin crispy and get a lot of that fat out from under the chicken skin so the second time you cook it [again either baked or fried] they should be cooked and crispy like bacon. That's preferable for most birds, like your Thanksgiving turkey...you want that long, slow roast, you want to see crispy, brown skin on it. That's good advice for any poultry you're cooking."

If cooking your wings twice seems like too much work, don't worry, Buffalo Wings & Rings does the work for you, double cooking yours for the most perfectly crispy skin, every time.

As for the kind of chicken you should buy, Chef Dan says to look for a mid-range wing (not too big, not too small), as the small ones overcook easily, and the large ones can get tough and are harder to crisp up with all that extra skin.

Regardless of the size of the wings available to you, Chef Dan insists they taste best fresh, never frozen (our wings are always fresh). When wings have been frozen, all the natural juices come out of the chicken during the freezing/thawing process and what you're left with is a pretty dry chicken.

And if you'd like to make our signature BWR wing sauces at home — sorry, but that info is top secret. Our advice is to stop into your favorite Buffalo Wings & Rings location and order your sauce directly from the source. And, if you're not sure what sauce to try, choose a couple different ones and do a little tableside taste-test.

No matter how you cook and sauce your favorite food, just know you'll find exactly the wings you want, every time at your local Buffalo Wings & Rings.