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03 December 2018

What’s your signature cocktail?

At Buffalo Wings & Rings our drinks are as creative as our sauces. From agave nectar to slices of bacon—our beverages aren’t just delicious, they’re unexpectedly daring. So how do you choose between a drink topped with Pop Rocks versus one topped with an onion ring? It’s a matter of taste of course.

Which of these sound like you?

  • I love strong flavors. I want to taste the alcohol.
  • I’m craving something refreshing.
  • Give me something sweet!
  • I want something fun and unique, but non-alcoholic.

Choose the statement that best match you, then scroll down and see how it translates to your perfect drink.

I love strong flavors. I want to taste the alcohol.

For those of you that enjoy bold flavors, then you traditionally might have found yourself ordering a Martini or an Old fashioned. In our new-fashioned way, Buffalo Wings & Rings offers three signature cocktails that deliver that heavier alcohol flavor, blended with bitter liqueurs and which are light on the fruit.

Consider trying:

  • New Chocolate Bacon Manhattan - This sweet and savory combination includes Woodford Reserve bourbon, Aztec Chocolate Bitters and real agave nectar. Topped with orange essence and a slice of bacon.
  • Buffalo Mary - Tito’s Vodka, Loaded Bloody Mary Mix, BW&R Buffalo Hot Sauce, Lemon Pepper, Seasoning, Cajun Seasoning, Buffalo Bacon.
  • Jack’d Russian - Jack Daniel’s, Kahlua, Half & Half, Coca-Cola, Orange Slice, Chocolate Shavings.

I’m craving something refreshing.

Are you looking for something fresh and crisp? You may have found yourself partial to Mojitos and Long Island Iced Teas. This style of cocktails are often citrusy, over ice, and are paired with something a little sugary to reduce the bite.

Consider trying:

  • New RUM-ble Mojito - Double the rum, double the fun! This refreshing take on the classic mojito mixes Blue Chair Bay White Rum and Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced Rum with fresh-squeezed lime juice and mint.
  • New Mango Mule - A new addition to the traditional mule catalog, this refreshing beverage made with Tito’s vodka and a real mango fruit base includes fresh-squeezed lime juice and fresh mint and ginger. Mixed with soda and served in a copper mug.

Give me something sweet!

Your cravings sway to the fruitier, sugary side of the bar leading you to order things like Hurricanes and Daiquiris. Usually containing some kind of syrup or fruit juice and without any of the bitter liqueurs—these sweet refreshments would be at home in a beach-side cabana.

Consider trying:

  • New Ring-A-Rita - Buffalo Wings & Rings new handmade margarita mix coupled with El Jimador Silver tequila, enhanced with orange liqueur, real agave nectar, and citrus juices. Served with a Buffalo Wings & Rings signature onion ring hung on the straw.
  • Rock’d Daiquiri - Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with Mango, Strawberry and Peach Schnapps, topped off with Pop Rocks.

I want something fun and unique, but non-alcoholic.

Looking for something as pretty as a mixed drink but without the alcohol? We have you covered with three signature refreshers guaranteed to fit the bill. Each one is as flavorful as they are exotic.

Consider trying:

  • Coconut Cooler - Real coconut and lime juice with Sprite. A refreshing island favorite.
  • Blueberry Lemonade - Real Blueberry mixed with lemonade and ginger puree.
  • Pop Rocking Lemonade - Real Strawberry, hand-squeezed fresh lemon juice, Sprite and Pop Rocks. This drink literally POPS!

Now you know what to order. Come on in and test it out. See if your drink selection matches up.