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18 May 2018

Gluten Free Orders at a Sports Bar

Our dedication to customer satisfaction led us to do some pretty extensive research on gluten and how we can provide delicious options. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, 1 in 100 people cannot digest gluten safely, or over 3 million people in the US alone. Obviously, we had to provide some delicious support.

On our menu, we have two options for those with gluten allergies: Low Gluten (LG on the menu) and Gluten Free (GF). Our Low Gluten options, such as our famous traditional wings, are in fact gluten free. However, these items are cooked in close proximity and often on the same surfaces as non-gluten free items, such as our fried boneless wings. So, please enjoy these items if you are more casual with your gluten free diet.

For those that are strictly and entirely gluten free, we definitely have you covered. All of the items listed here, and additional items on our menu, have been checked and ensured that no gluten has come into contact with the ingredients.

Our personal favorite gluten-free item is our grilled boneless wings, which is a great healthy alternative no matter what your diet requires. You can also get our juicy chicken tenders grilled, which are just as delicious and just as good for you. Top these bad boys off with any sauce and heat of your choosing (except teriyaki and sweet thai chili if you need remain Gluten-Free). You can even dip in our famous bleu cheese, and enjoy guilt-free.

We also have two fantastic salads with no gluten: our Classic Cobb and the Harvest Salad, both topped with freshly grilled chicken. Many believe that ordering a salad at a sports bar can be dangerous, but not here; we pride ourselves on variety and freshness of ingredients.

Cutting some gluten out of any diet can be a good idea, and we understand that. Buffalo Wings & Rings might not be the first choice of someone with a strict diet, but give us a shot! We might just surprise you.

In the restaurant industry, our customers are the reason we do everything that we do. From CEO to server, everyone comes to work everyday to ensure that all customers have the best experience possible. A large part of this process is ensuring food quality and safety, from farm to table. Reach out to us with your suggestions.