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17 August 2018

How to host a fantasy football draft party

Don’t put your party on auto draft.

Veterans can remember back to the early days of fantasy football when they required a whole host of draft magazines, printed cheat sheets and a big draft board. Some die-hards might still rely on this throwback. And we say, “more power to ‘em.” This guide, however, is focused on the perfect draft party. To us, that means the friends, food and fun are as important as the draft itself. Playing online alleviates a lot of the player research duties, printing of guides, and the tracking of: who is drafting, who has been drafted and who is available. Like a coach on the field, your job as host is to gameplan, communicate, and prepare to win.

Gameplan What to eat. What to drink. Oh yeah… And who to draft.

What to eat at a draft party?

When it comes down to it, no one needs to come to a draft party anymore. They can sit quietly in their home, chat with their league online, and make their selections without ever getting up from the couch. The food you serve can be the reason they come out, and the reason that they come back next year. You play the food right, and you might start a real tradition. The good news—this is no time for overthinking. Wings are synonymous with fantasy football. Plus with a variety of sauces, you can make everyone happy. Don’t look past their flaws though. Make sure you have paper towels and wet naps at the ready. Additionally you should add to the feast with more easy grab-and-go food. Chips, pretzels and if you’re feeling bold... a veggie plate.

What to drink at a draft party?

Just like your fantasy roster you need a mix of players in your cooler. When it comes to beer, a nice blend of craft beer and light beer should do the job. Remember, there are a lot of beer options out there, and polling your friends to gauge preferences can prevent one beer snob from ruining the party. Non alcoholic options, sodas, water and seltzer water is usually a less tricky situation. Don’t forget to have some milk on hand. If the hot wings take someone by surprise, milk is the perfect antidote.

Prepping your draft strategy

You'll have plenty to do on draft day. Don't let your duties kill your team. Do your homework early so you are ready to draft and play host simultaneously. Study player rankings and determine where you hope to score points. Prepare a strategy in advance. Are you going to draft a running back heavy team, or seeking to land a core of wide receivers? Make that decision before the party, and you’ll end up having more fun and sporting a better team.


Get your house ‘game ready.’

Power strips are a draft party essential No one has a fully charged battery. It just doesn’t happen. And many times drafts can last up to 4 hours. Don’t force your guests to crawl under tables or squeeze behind couches in search of an open outlet. Plan ahead, and provide a few power strips for easy access.

Pre-order perfection on draft day Getting this part right is crucial. Following a few basics, can lead to a flawless order. Five wings per person is a pretty good gauge of order size. If you have a healthy group of eaters, scale up. If there are a few vegetarians in your crew, add some cauliflower wings to the mix. Second, get a good variety of sauces. If you want to play it safe, our most popular sauces are: Buffalo medium, followed by mild bbq and then buffalo hot, buffalo mild and lastly parmesan garlic mild. When you cater from Buffalo Wings & Rings, your order will also come with ranch, bleu cheese and celery.

Assure strong Wifi Nothing is more detrimental to a smooth and enjoyable draft than a dropped signal. People miss their pick, everyone gets bent out of shape, and your league might be ready to mutiny. Test out your wifi beforehand, make sure it is prepared to take the full force of 8-12 people logging in at once.You can test yours at http://www.speedtest.net/ to see how it’s stacking up.


Do it early and do it often

Choosing a Draft time Choosing a draft time is a tricky thing. It is a good idea to put some options out there, rather than asking when they are free. Go with the consensus and then schedule your draft ASAP. Online draft slots can fill up, so the earlier you do this, the more likely you’ll get what you want.

It’s more than directions Everyone has google maps. So as long as they have your address, then they can typically find you. Don’t forget to tell them the details to make life easier—where to park, what to watch out for in terms of traffic or common mistakes in finding you.

Say thank you

Wrap up the perfect fantasy draft party with a shout out to the people who showed up. A little thank you mixed with a little smack talk is the perfect bridge from draft party, to fantasy football season.

Happy Drafting. Now go find a Buffalo Wings & Rings location near you to pre-order for your draft party!