our mission


We’re fighting child hunger

Our Story

A Call to Action

Just outside the back of Wings and Rings, Nader Masadeh found a young boy digging through the dumpster. Did he lose something in the trash? Masadeh wondered. Approaching the boy, he asked him, “what are you doing in there?”

The boy looked up from sifting through garbage and cast a glance at the 5-year-old girl perched on the nearby curb. “My little sister,” he explained, “she’s hungry and I was just looking for leftover food.”

The boy was embarrassed, the little girl was sad and Masadeh was shocked. He might have expected to see this in his home country of Jordan, but not in the U.S. How could a country with so much, have children with so little? Yet since that encounter, he came to find that child hunger is not isolated in this country, but widespread. He knew he must act.

Our Action

Being involved in community service is a big part of Wings and Rings culture. All our staff and franchises are encouraged on February 19th, our National Day of Service, to volunteer their time for a non-profit that benefits children in need.

Feel free to reach out to us with general questions or for more information.