March Hoops Slam Dunk Snacks
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March Hoops Slam Dunk Snacks

March 12, 2024

Score Slam Dunk Snacks for the Maddest Basketball Tournament in March

Are you ready for the madness? It’s that time of year again for the best in college basketball and building brackets that, fingers-crossed, won’t bust. With the college basketball tournament season nearly here, we’ve been coming up with new menu items that score on flavor at Wings and Rings. Upgrade from ordinary college bars and see what makes us your for exhilarating games and fan-favorited eats and drinks.


New Game-Day Menu Items at Wings and Rings

Boring stays on the bench. What’s new on our menu is a slam dunk for your taste buds. Explore our latest limited-time offerings, perfect for sharing with your friends, or just for you

Hot Honey Shrimp and Slaw

Kick off the tournament with our Hot Honey Shrimp and Slaw. A perfect mix of sweet and spicy, we’re serving up our lightly breaded, fried shrimp, tossed in our signature house-made Hot Honey. Balanced with fresh slaw including jalapenos, cilantro, and scallions, it's a flavor alley-oop you won't want to miss!


Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

Level up your game with our Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich. Sink your teeth into a beer-battered chicken breast drenched in our new house-made Hot Honey, paired with crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomato, all nestled between a soft brioche bun. With your choice of side, it's a full-court press of flavor on our sandwich menu!

Hot Honey Wing Sauce

Our wings just got an upgrade with the new Hot Honey Wing Sauce on our wings menu. We've taken pure honey and dialed up the heat with our blend of spices, creating a sweet heat that will have you reaching for more. Nothing but net, more like nothing but deliciousness.


The Seltzer Bucket

Cheers the competition with new drink offerings on our beverage menu. A refreshing twist on the classic beer bucket, try our new our Seltzer Bucket. You can choose from a selection of 5 seltzers, including favorites like White Claw or Truly, in a wide variety of flavors or upgrade it with Vodka-based seltzers. And, for a limited time, we’re giving away White Claw koozies with each Seltzer Bucket.


Cheers with Canned Wine

Not a fan of beer? Canned wine is now on the menu. You can indulge in a refreshing California white blend, a jammy California red, or a bubbly Rosé—whatever you fancy.  We’ll pour you a glass along with the can on the side for topping up your drink. Each can equals about 1.4 glasses, so you have more to sip on all for the price of a regular glass of wine.


When and Where to Watch the Tournament

Hungry for some amazing matchups? We’ve got you. Things are about to get totally MAD this March—mark your calendar with these key dates for 2024’s college basketball tournament season


Key Dates

  • Bracket Seeding: Sunday, March 17
  • First Round: March 21-22
  • Second Round: March 23-24
  • Final Sixteen: March 28-29
  • Final Eight: March 30-31
  • Semifinals: Saturday, April 6
  • Championship Game: Monday, April 8

You know the when. We have a good idea on the where. Of course, you can watch live and cheer on your favorite teams at your local Wings and Rings. Each of our restaurants has 50+ TVs to give you a great view and is teeming with lively fan spirit—it's the next best thing to being courtside!


Celebrate Tournament Madness and Savor New Flavors at Wings and Rings

With thrilling games, a fun atmosphere, a fully stocked bar, and a menu with top-tier flavors we have all the ingredients for the maddest basketball tournament experience. See what we’re all about and join us for basketball’s most exciting tournament. Whether you're dining in or ordering online for your personal watch party, check out our locations to find the Wings and Rings nearest to you and join the celebration!

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