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What’s New What’s New Three Cheers for Our New Extra-Crispy Hickory Smoked Wings August 23, 2022 That’s right, we’ve added smoked wings to our menu. And not just any smoked wing, but a sweet hickory smoked traditional version with extra-crispy, tasty skin that makes for one delightfully delicious chicken wing. Want to know more? Read on! Continue reading...
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What’s New What’s New Strawberry Spiked Punch Is the Summer Cocktail You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Missing July 08, 2022 While we’re all about the wings, in the summer (okay, let’s face it — any time of year) we’re also all about the cocktails. When you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink during a hot summer day, nothing beats a tasty, cooling, rewarding cocktail from our extensive bar menu. Continue reading...