Wings and Rings Rolls Out ‘Hot’ New LTO for Spring
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Wings and Rings Rolls Out ‘Hot’ New LTO for Spring

February 25, 2024

Wings and Rings Rolls Out ‘Hot’ New LTO for Spring, Launching 3 New Hot Honey Menu Items

The sports bar and restaurant is launching Hot Honey wing sauce, shrimp, and chicken sandwiches for a limited time, available starting Wednesday, February 28th.

CINCINNATI, OH — Wings and Rings, the 85-unit, Cincinnati-based restaurant and bar franchise, is launching a crave-worthy limited-time offer starting February 28th. Its Hot Honey menu lineup, which includes Hot Honey Shrimp and Slaw, Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Hot Honey Wing Sauce, will be available through April 1st. The brand will also introduce exciting new bar options by bringing on Graham + Fisk's popular line of Wine-In-A-Can and seltzer buckets for customers and groups during March's full slate of games.

“Honey was one of the first original dipping sauces for chicken. This isn’t the first time honey has been used as a sauce, but the heat, which we’re no stranger to, became a natural fit,” explained Dan Admire, corporate chef for Wings and Rings. “We started with the idea of a sweet and spicy combination, and we worked on our recipe to create something special. It’s got a three-pepper blend in it, and all three peppers are at a different heat level, so it’s got a really unique flavor component.”

Admire explained that he carefully selected the pepper lineup to allow heat to build without becoming overpowering.

“You don’t want the heat to be so aggressive that it’s harsh,” he explained. “All of the peppers that we use have very, very different attributes, and with the use of the honey, the taste is balanced. It just makes you want to go back for more.”

The new Hot Honey LTO includes three primary menu additions:

The Hot Honey Shrimp and Slaw includes lightly breaded fried shrimp that have been tossed in the house-made Hot Honey. They are then placed on top of a bed of Hot Honey slaw that includes fresh jalapenos, cilantro and scallions.

The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich features Wings and Rings’ famous beer-battered chicken breast with the addition of crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and the house-made Hot Honey. The sandwich is served on a brioche bun and comes with a choice of side.

“This is a very unique sandwich in the sense that it doesn’t have any additional hot sauce on there,” added Admire. “It’s a very clean-eating sandwich, so I really enjoy it.”

The Hot Honey Wing Sauce combines pure honey with Wings and Rings’ special spice blend to create a sweet and spicy delight.

In all of these menu items, Admire notes that enough Hot Honey is used to truly glaze the shrimp, chicken breast or wings and create a flavorful meal.

“Hot Honey is part of our ongoing work with sauces, and sometimes, a limited-time offer can be a springboard for moving something to the core menu,” said Admire. “I think this will be a home run, and maybe it will be so popular that it becomes a permanent menu option — we’ll see!”

Wings and Rings is also rolling out two new beverage features to compliment the new Hot Honey LTO menu. The brand is introducing Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can to their bar menu - in red, white, and rose with bubbles varieties. Additionally, customers will be able to order seltzer buckets, which include five seltzers of choice and can be upgraded to include vodka seltzers.

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