What to Serve with Chicken Wings: 15 Delicious Side Dishes
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What to Serve with Chicken Wings: 15 Delicious Side Dishes

April 20, 2023

When the weather gets warm it’s the perfect time to gather your friends and family for a backyard bash. Between graduations, birthdays, and other celebrations you may have a busy calendar this coming summer. You handle the guests; we’ve got the food. We know what keeps a great party going is an even greater menu. When you get catering from Wings and Rings, of course our delicious chicken wings will be the star of the menu. But what side dishes should you pick for that extra “wow” and “yum” factor? Get some inspiration from these 15 delicious side dishes from our menu to serve with Wings and Rings chicken wings at your next party.

1. Onion Rings

You knew this one was coming. Golden brown and crispy, onion rings are the perfect crunchy accompaniment to juicy chicken wings. Go Classic or try unique flavors like our Buffalo Bleu Rings or Sweet Smokin’ Rings for sides that are anything but ordinary.

2. Potato Wedges

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Potato wedges are a hearty side all on their own. Choose from our classic seasoned potato wedges or go extra and order the Loaded Potato Wedge Bar off our or Party Snack Boxes catering menu. The bar comes with skin-on potato wedges loaded up with toppings like crumbled bacon, sour cream, jalapeños, and plenty of cheeses you need for the ultimate snack.

3. Veggies and Dip

Looking for something more on the refreshing side? Veggies and dip are a solid healthy side dish option. Lay out slices of celery, carrots, and your other favorite veggies with creamy dips like our tangy Bleu Cheese dip or ranch dressing.

4. Saratoga Chips

Thin and crispy potato Saratoga Chips, with our signature seasoning, are a delicious and addictive side dish that your guests won't be able to resist. What we can’t resist is a sauce, that’s why we serve these chips with up both Sweet BBQ sauce and ranch dressing on our catering menu.

5. Coleslaw

Creamy and tangy coleslaw is a classic side dish that pairs perfectly with crispy and flavorful chicken wings. We make our coleslaw blend in-house with fresh vegetables that you can taste in each bite.

6. Pretzel Bites and Cheese

Soft and warm pretzel bites paired with gooey cheese sauce make for a delicious and comforting side dish that your guests will love. You can feed a whole crowd with our version of Pretzel Bites and Queso, featuring pillowy pretzels and creamy queso blanco, on our Party Snack Box menu.

7. Fresh Garden Salad

A fresh garden salad with seasonal veggies, like juicy tomatoes and crisp carrots on a bed of lettuce, is the perfect complement to the rich and bold flavors of chicken wings. You can get plenty for your party with our Large Salads that serve 8 to 10 people each.

8. Fries Your Way

Upgrade your fries with a burst of flavor that complements the savory taste of chicken wings. Choose from regular fries or specialty options like our Parmesan Garlic Aioli Fries drizzled with creamy garlic aioli and sharp Parmesan cheese.

9. Street Corn

Fresh corn grilled to perfection and slathered with spices—is your mouth watering? Boasting bold flavor, our Chili-Lime Street Corn finished off with chipotle chili-lime cream and plenty of fresh cilantro, will be an unforgettable side dish at your next party.

10. Sauce Flight

Is it a side? Sort of. Is it delicious? Absolutely. Offering a variety of sauces to dip your chicken wings in, from Classic Buffalo to Garlic Parmesan or even Blueberry Chipotle BBQ sauce, gives your guests a fun and interactive way to enjoy our delicious chicken wings.

11. Tater Tots

Crispy and golden tater tots are a great starch sidekick for chicken wings. On our menu we’ve upgrade this humble potato side with our Ranchero Tots, filled with gooey cheese and crisp bacon. These tots are topped off with jalapeños, cilantro, and chipotle ranch for extra flair.

12. Creamy Caesar Salad

Caesar salad featuring romaine, shards of parmesan, and tossed in Caesar dressing makes a great side to balance out even our hottest chicken wings. You can get plenty for your party with our Large Salads that serve 8 to 10 people each.

13. Nachos

Layered with queso blanco, jalapeños, diced tomatoes, and sour cream, nachos are a delicious and indulgent side dish that will satisfy any appetite. There’s plenty for everyone when you order the Nacho Bar off our Party Snack Box menu. You can even get it loaded with grilled buffalo chicken and Bleu Cheese dip so it’s like chicken wings and nachos in one.

14. Fudgy Brownies

Don’t forget dessert! After indulging in savory chicken wings and delicious sides, rich and chocolatey brownies are a great way to finish off a meal. There’s enough for everyone when you order our Brownie Box that serves 8 to 10 people off our catering menu.

15. Fresh Baked Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are always a winner in our books. Our Cookie Box comes with a dozen freshly baked cookies everyone will love. And if you can’t choose between our delicious desserts, you can always get our Cookie/Brownie Box that’s half cookies and half brownies.

Cater Your Next Party with Wings and Rings

With these 15 delicious side dishes, it’s easy to enjoy an all-star menu at your next party. And when you order catering from Wings and Rings, we’re confident our complete catering menu of Wing Platters, Party Snack Boxes, Dessert Boxes, and more will leave you and your guests satisfied. With catering we come to you, but you can always visit us for fan-worthy food and sports bar fun. Visit any of our locations or place an online order for Wings and Rings to go. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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