The Best Beers to Sip this Oktoberfest
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The Best Beers to Sip this Oktoberfest

October 23, 2023

The Best Beers to Sip this Oktoberfest

Cheers! Oktoberfest officially kicked off in September and this fall celebration still going strong. In our opinion, there’s no better way to get festivities than with some Oktoberfest-inspired brews! Read on to learn more about Oktoberfest, what makes an Oktoberfest-style beer, and how you can enjoy this German festival’s flavors at Wings and Rings.

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is a long-standing beer festival that’s celebrated every year in Munich. It typically kicks off in mid- to late-September and the party keeps going until the first weekend of October. It’s a pretty big deal, since Oktoberfest is the largest Volkfest, or “people’s festival”, in the world. With games, food, parades, dancing, and, of course, the iconic Oktoberfest beer tents as the main attraction, Oktoberfest is spirited way for locals and visitors alike to gather and celebrate Bavarian culture. But what if you aren’t in Germany? Taking inspiration from the original ‘fest in Munich, Oktoberfest is celebrated in cities across the U.S. all throughout October. So, you can join in enjoying the best in beer fun a little closer to home.

What Makes Oktoberfest Beer Different Than Regular Beer?

In Germany, only six local breweries get the honor of serving beer at Oktoberfest. So, the Oktoberfest beers you enjoy on tap or bottled are not official, but inspired by this German festival’s iconic flavors. When it comes to taste, most Oktoberfest brews are based off the Märzen beer. Märzen beers are an amber lager characterized by their medium to full body. Flavor-wise its malty with a toasty profile and a crisp, dry finish. It’s perfect for pairing with salty snacks—pretzel bites and beer anyone?

Try Our Brews and Cocktails Fit for Oktoberfest

Want to experience the best of Oktoberfest beer culture stateside? Enjoy a variety of Bavarian-inspired brews and Oktoberfest-ready cocktails, straight from the Wings and Rings drinks menu!


Sam Adams Oktoberfest

Prost! Made special for the season, you can indulge in Samuel Adams’ version of a rich, toasty Märzen. Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer has a deep amber color, mild pleasant sweetness, and a light hoppy flavor—it’s the perfect brew for celebrating the turn to fall.  

Have something to eat with your drink. This lager is made to be paired with our Drunken Loaded Fries. This treat is slathered with Sam Adams beer cheese and topped with smoky bacon, funky Bleu cheese crumbles, and fresh scallions. Enjoy this indulgent duo while it’s on the menu all fall long.  

Sam Adams Boston Lager

You can’t beat a classic. Have a taste of this velvety, German-style lager enriched with slightly sweet roasted malts and hints of caramel and toffee. Sam Adams Boston Lager is also quite hoppy and crisp, which gives each sip an invigorating finish. 

Have something to eat with your drink. Make it a meal when you enjoy this lager with our Drunken Chicken Sandwich here just in time for fall. This sandwich layers in the hoppy flavors with beer-battered crispy chicken plus a generous pour of beer cheese on top. It’s the perfect partner for a crisp Sam Adams Bost Lager. 

Skrewed Up Old Fashion

Not a fan of beer? No worries! Oktoberfest is an autumn festival after all, so go for one of our fall favorite cocktails instead. If you’re looking for indulgent and delicious flavors, our Skrewed Up Old Fashion has it with a special mix of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, bourbon, Dark Crème de Cocao, and simple syrup. 

Have something to eat with your drink. Double up on cozy flavors and enjoy your cocktail with our Sam Adams ‘Drunken Tenders’, here for a limited time. Simply delicious, it features our beer-battered chicken tenders served up with a gooey beer cheese dip. We can’t think of better comfort food for fall.  


Toast Oktoberfest Beers At Wings and Rings

While we can’t all go to Germany for Oktoberfest, with delicious brews, snacks, and good company you can still enjoy the vibes of this autumn festival. What better way to participate in the fun, than at Wings and Rings, where you can enjoy all our fall favorites! Whether you're a beer fan or just looking for a cozy place to celebrate the season, make your way to your closest Wings and Rings and let's raise a glass to Oktoberfest! 

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