5 Easy Weekday Dinner Ideas for Perfect Back-to-School Season
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5 Easy Weekday Dinner Ideas for Perfect Back-to-School Season

August 07, 2023

The back-to-school season is here, and with it comes the challenge of finding the time to put together quick and delicious meals the whole family will love. Wings and Rings is here to offer some inspiration with five crowd-pleasing meal ideas that everyone will enjoy, based on fan favorites on of our menu. 


Bring Home the Flavor with these 5 Family-Friendly Meal Ideas

These dinner ideas are easy-to-prepare and even more delicious to eat! Here’s our top five meals that bring the taste of Wings and Rings right into your kitchen:

1. Buffalo Mac and Cheese

For kids, and adults, mac and cheese is always a winner. So why not try a twist on this comforting classic? Inspired by our Buffalo Chicken Wings on our wing menu, this spicy, cheesy delight is sure to be a hit. Just add diced buffalo chicken to your favorite mac and cheese recipe to create a dish that’s both comforting and exciting. Add a few dashes of buffalo sauce right into the pot if you really want to turn up the heat and chopped green onions for extra freshness. Creamy, tangy, and packed with flavor, this meal is sure to satisfy.


2. Chicken Tenders Your Way

Chicken tenders may seem simple, but they are quite versatile. They are a great protein base you can build on for a delicious family meal. When you visit Wings and Rings, you can choose a style of chicken tender based on what you love, whether that means a juicy, grilled chicken tender or going for the traditional, crispy coating. You choose your style, whether you opt for a healthier grilled version or go for the traditional breadcrumb crust. Then you choose how to enjoy them! Add crispy chicken tenders on top of a fresh dinner salad as a healthier option. Or if you know you have a picky eater, serve chicken tenders with dipping sauce and enjoy them as the fun finger food that they are. Chicken tenders are super-fast to cook in the oven, or an air fryer if you have it, so you can get dinner on the table in a flash.


3. Cauliflower Wings

Looking for a creative way to add more veggie-based meals to your dinner plans? You can make your own cauliflower wings (or pick them up Wings and Rings) for a plant-based spin on classic chicken wings. Our recipe at Wings and Rings features hand-breaded and fried cauliflower florets, but for an at-home version you can bread and bake your own cauliflower for a similar effect. After baking, just toss the cauliflower in your family’s favorite Wings and Rings inspired sauce — like Lemon Pepper, Buffalo, Sweet BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan. These bite-sized delights are a fun and delicious way to get kids to enjoy their veggies!


4. Cheeseburger Pasta

Any burger on our menu, from a Wings and Rings Bacon Cheeseburger to a Black and Bleu Burger, is a treat. But did you know you can transform the flavors of our delicious cheeseburgers into a decedent pasta dish? Simply cook your favorite pasta and mix in sauteed ground beef, your choice of shredded or crumbled cheese, cream cheese, and diced tomatoes. You can even add diced pickles for an authentic burger feel or bacon for extra smokiness. This hearty, flavorful dish is a crowd-pleaser that’s easy to prepare. 


5. Pulled Pork Sandwiches

When it comes to easy home meals, the slow cooker is your friend. Make the most of your crock pot with our Double BBQ Pork sandwich which provides inspiration for this family-friendly dish. Simply add seasoned pork shoulder to your slow cooker in the morning and let it cook on low for around 8 hours. Then you can come home to your own tender pulled pork, ready to be slathered in your favorite BBQ sauce, and served up on a soft bun. As an extra touch, top each sandwich with a homemade onion ring, or packaged crispy onions, for the true Wings and Rings feel.


School Night Dinners Just Got More Delicious

We hope we’ve inspired you with these family-friendly recipes for the back-to-school season. And remember, on those extra busy days when even the thought of cooking seems daunting, Wings and Rings is here to help. Bring over the whole crew to your local Wings and Rings and let us take care of the cooking for you. Or place an online order for Wings and Rings to-go you can take home your favorites direct to your dinner table. And if you’re looking to save on dinner out, many Wings and Rings honor a kid eat free deal on Mondays!* Here's to a back-to-school season filled with delicious meals, whether at home or dining out!


* $10 minimum purchase. Dine in only with a paying adult.

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