Wings and Rings Tournament of Sauces Bracket
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Wings and Rings Tournament of Sauces Bracket

March 16, 2023

When March rolls around it is finally time for bracket dramatics as the best of the best in college basketball duke it out (pun intended). In celebration of March’s biggest basketball tournament, we thought we’d also get in on the bracket making business. Except, we swapped this year’s line-up all-star teams with our line-up of all-star wing sauces. The competition’s hot, but we want to know who is your winner?

Sixteen Sauces, One Champion

Sixteen delicious Wings and Rings sauces go in. One comes out victorious. Which sauce takes the trophy as your favorite flavor?

Starter bracket for 16 Wings and Rings Sauces to narrow down to one winner, titled Tournament of Sauces. The four matchups on the left are Teriyaki vs. Sweet Thai Chili, Blueberry Chipotle BBQ vs. Korean, Sweet Habanero vs. Ghost Pepper Ranch, and Buffalo vs. Bourbon BBQ. The four matchups on the right are Cajun Dry Rub vs. Lemon Pepper Dry Rub, Sweet BBQ vs. Garlic-Q, Garlic Parmesan vs. Roasted Garlic, and Lemon Pepper vs. Nashville Hot Dry Rub.

Meet Our Wing Sauce Line-Up

Haven’t had the chance to try every sauce on our roster? We got you. Here’s the highlight reel of each wing sauce on our menu.

Signature Sauces


Flavor: A classic, featuring hot sauce with a distinctive and delicious tang

Heat level: Customizable from Mild to Atomic

Bourbon BBQ

Flavor: Spicy, sweet and sticky tomato-based BBQ sauce with wood-smoked bourbon notes

Heat level: Customizable from Mild to Atomic

Sweet BBQ

Flavor: Rich, tomatoey, and comforting BBQ sauce that is honey-sweet

Heat level: Customizable from Mild to Atomic


Flavor: Our Sweet BBQ and Roasted Garlic sauces combined in one

Heat level: Customizable from Mild to Atomic

Garlic Parmesan

Flavor: Savory garlic sauce finished off with dusting of sharp parmesan cheese

Heat level: Customizable from Mild to Atomic

Roasted Garlic

Flavor: Sweet, mellow, and aromatic, this is real deal garlicky goodness

Heat level: Customizable from Mild to Atomic

Lemon Pepper

Flavor: Smooth and citrusy lemon sauce with bold cracked pepper

Heat level: Customizable from Mild to Atomic

Dry Rubs

Lemon Pepper Dry Rub

Flavor: Crisp, bright lemon with pops of cracked pepper

Heat level: 1/5 🔥

Cajun Dry Rub

Flavor: Savory seasonings, spicy red pepper flakes, and smoky paprika and come together in this Louisiana-style rub

Heat level: 2/5 🔥

Nashville Hot Dry Rub

Flavor: Smoky paprika and a punch of cayenne sets this rub on fire

Heat level: 3/5 🔥

Chef-Inspired Sauces


Flavor: Sweet and tangy, blend of soy sauce with a hit of pineapple juice

Heat level: 1/5 🔥

Sweet Thai Chili

Flavor: Spicy sriracha combined salty and savory soy sauce base

Heat level: 2/5 🔥

Blueberry Chipotle BBQ

Flavor: Smokey chipotle pepper BBQ base rounded out with jammy blueberries

Heat level: 2/5 🔥


Flavor: Hot gochujang chili paste tempered with brown sugar for sweetness

Heat level: 3/5 🔥

Sweet Habanero

Flavor: Habanero chiles bring heat and fruity flavor to this sweet and spicy sauce

Heat level: 4/5 🔥

Ghost Pepper Ranch

Flavor: Atomic hot ghost peppers cut with a cooling, zesty ranch

Heat level: 5/5 🔥

Score Your Favorite Wing Flavors at Wings and Rings

Need help picking your winners? Come enjoy our wings at your local Wings and Rings, the best place to be a wings fan and a sports fan. We serve up wings in traditional, boneless, and veggie styles, plus you can try a sauce flight for head-to-head wing sauce competition. And we have the grub and games, with 50+ TVs in every restaurant so you can keep up with tournament matches all month long.

Are you in? Because we’re game! Visit any of our locations or place an online order for Wings and Rings to go. We can’t wait to see you!

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