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Thousands of Sports Bars, Only One Wings and Rings

April 13, 2022

Did you know there are more than 62,500 bars and nightclubs in the United States? Although in some establishments it’s hard to know where to draw the line between what’s a bar and what’s a nightclub, it’s safe to say we have planted ourselves firmly in the former category.

The origin of the sports bar/

While the concept of bars isn’t new, the sports bar itself is largely believed to have started in the United States in the 1930s, when a St. Louis tavern introduced bar games. Then, of course, came the Buffalo wing, created in the 1960s in a bar in Buffalo, New York, as a menu item that swiftly lured sports fans into bars all over the city.

However, it wasn’t until 1979 that Legends, the first modern sports bar, was born, in Long Beach, CA. Opened by former LA Rams offensive lineman Dennis Harrah and businessman John Morris, Legends was the first bar to broadcast live sporting events via satellite.

The rest, they say, is history. Once technology caught up, sports bars started sprouting up all over the country, providing a casual, entertaining environment where patrons could gather together to watch sports, drink, and eat.

But we don’t consider ourselves just any bar and also not just any sports bar at that. We are a club-level sports restaurant — the ideal experience for socializing with friends and family over sports.

Our evolution into sports restaurant comes on the back of a storied history of how the combination of bars and sports came to be, how we came to be, and how we have grown over the past three decades to become a preferred destination with great food and great service for the whole family.

Wings and Rings begins

Luckily, Wings and Rings was fortunate enough to become a part of sports bar history with the first Wings and Rings restaurant opening in Cincinnati (as Buffalo Wings & Rings) in 1984. The concept was simple: Focus on food and flavor by serving delicious, signature wings with a variety of sauces and an out-of-this-world, homemade bleu cheese.

Our hands-on approach was a success and, since then, has helped us grow into more than 50 franchises all over the country and eventually the world — you’ll even find us in Dubai and Mexico!

It also led us to eventually “drop” the Buffalo in our name and rebrand as Wings and Rings, a major differentiator from the, ahem, other similar-sounding restaurants and stand out from the rest.

6 Reasons Why Wings and Rings Rocks

It’s this dedication to our chef-inspired menu, VIP service, and adaptability that has allowed us to change and grow in big ways. Over the nearly 40 years we’ve been in service, we’ve expanded our menu, began the Buffalove Foundation, launched an online ordering feature, partnered with delivery services, launched our Buffalo Sauciety VIP Rewards program, and instituted curbside pickup and the ability to make contactless payments.

It’s because of our dedication to grow with our customers and adapt that we’ve been able to continue to be one of America’s favorite sports restaurants throughout the years. Our top reasons for winning customer favor include:

1. A menu for every taste. We grew a ton in the early 2000s — adding restaurants as far as Texas and California and also adding items to our menu. We expanded the wing offerings to add boneless tenders and new sauces. Hamburgers, and salads also found a permanent place on our menu.
1. Buffalove Foundation. We founded this foundation in 2016 as a way to give back to the local communities we serve. Through the Buffalove Foundation, we seek to provide regular access to meals with a side of love and our mission is to give every child the food they need to flourish.
1. Online ordering. Order right from our app or website from wherever you are. Choose your nearest Wings and Rings location, customize your order to your tastes, and choose either pickup or delivery.
1. Curbside pickup and contactless payments. The COVID-19 pandemic may have shut our doors for a few months, but we were able to pivot in a new, popular direction with curbside pickup. It’s a safe, contactless solution that benefits our customers and our employees. Simply order and pay over the phone or through our website or app. Your food is boxed up and brought directly to your car.
1. Buffalo Sauciety. Our rewards program, the Buffalo Sauciety, is an app that delivers rewards, unique experiences, and communications specific to your interests, needs, and tastes. Members earn points with every qualified purchase which can then be turned into more rewards.
1. Awesome entertainment. We pride ourselves on our bright, inviting dining rooms, 50+ TVs in every restaurant, chef-inspired recipes, and of course our signature wings. Recently, we’ve added even more ways to be entertained with our Spotify channel. Find half-time greats, college fight songs, and more playlists to get you hyped for all the big games.

So what do you say? Are you ready to visit any of our locations or place an online order today? We can’t wait to see you!

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