Last Minute Holiday Gifts Your Friends & Family will LOVE
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Last Minute Holiday Gifts Your Friends & Family will LOVE

December 24, 2023

Did December sneak up on you? Sometimes time goes so quickly that you realize the holidays are right around the corner, but you still need to find the perfect gifts for friends and family! The good news is that, even in the eleventh hour, you can snag something special that’ll make it seem like you had it all planned from the beginning.

Find options for everyone on your list, whether that looks like festive holiday treats, a personalized present, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant (hint, Wings and Rings). Here are some last-minute gift ideas to help finish your shopping for the season. 


6 Thoughtful, Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Gift Their Favorite Snacks and Goodies

Need to get a gift for the foodie in your life? Gift them a custom collection of their favorite snacks and treats. Think about what they enjoy—whether that be an array of holiday chocolates, a sampling of hot sauces, a tub of gourmet popcorn, or a collection of teas or coffee. You can even include a cookbook or kitchen item to tie the whole gift together.

2. Gift an Experience

Time spent together doing something that your gift-receiver enjoys always makes a great gift. Tickets to a concert, to a match for their favorite sports team, or even something as simple as movie tickets are just a few ideas for a fun, last-minute gift. Plus, tickets are fast to purchase online, so you can get this gift even on a time crunch. You can make your gift a full outing with entertainment and something delicious to eat. If wings and a movie, a show, or a game sound like their idea of a great time, treat them to lunch or dinner at your nearest Wings and Rings as part of their gift.

4. Give the Gift of Self-Care

Know someone who needs some relaxation time? Stock them up with some self-care essentials like candles in their favorite scent, soothing lotions, or calming face masks to help them create their own mini spa experience. Not only is it a thoughtful gift, but it's also something practical you know they can use.

5. Gift Gear Worthy of Wings Super Fans

This one’s for the Wings and Rings super fans! Get them gear from our online Wings and Rings retail store as the perfect last-minute holiday gift. With a wide selection of apparel, including hoodies, zip sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, shorts, hats, and more, you can outfit any Wings and Rings-lover from head to toe.

6. Gift a Subscription Service

Choose a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription service tailored to their interests. Whether it is audiobooks, video streaming, music streaming, or a subscription snack box, there are plenty of options to choose from.

7. Gift a Wings and Rings Gift Card!

What’s our top pick for a last-minute holiday gift? A Wings and Rings gift card, of course! For fans of sports, delicious chicken wings, satisfying onion rings, and fun with friends and family—it’s a win-win. And this holiday season we’re including an extra treat – you get a $5 bonus card free when you purchase a $25 gift card to Wings and Rings from now until December 31.

Make Wings and Rings Your Holiday Treat

Even though the holidays are nearly here, we hope our gift ideas make checking off last-minute presents less stressful. Whether you choose a Wings and Rings gift card or one of our other last-minute ideas, the important thing is to enjoy your time together with friends and family. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, and we can't wait to serve you at a Wings and Rings location soon!

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