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Get in the Holiday Spirit Wings and Rings Style with 2 New Seasonal Spotify Playlists

December 16, 2021

Many great sports moments were made better by music. For example: Can you imagine Rocky Balboa climbing the stairs up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art without its iconic music playing along? Or could you picture a Super Bowl halftime show without spectacular musical entertainment by a well-known artist (or artists)?

We can’t either. We consider the music we play at all our Wings and Rings sports restaurants as integral as the games we play on all our TVs. You’ll hear a wide variety of upbeat music, from classic rock to pop and from R&B to stadium rock anthems and everything in between.

Sadly, you can’t always be at one of our restaurants to bop along to the beat as you chow down on our chef-inspired recipes and signature wings. With this in mind and the holidays upon us, we thought we’d help you spread cheer a little with our curated Spotify holiday playlists!

Anyone with a Spotify account can listen (and if you don’t have one, that’s okay you can create one and listen for free).

Wings and Rings’ Spotify Playlists to Get You in the Holiday Groove

To get us started, our employees offered up their top tunes that get them in the seasonal wing saucin’ mood. Next, we drew inspiration from our second favorite thing to watch on TV this time of year: holiday movies!

So, what do you say? Do you need a new holiday mix to get you fully immersed in the season? Would a fresh playlist help you pull off a swingin’ soiree? Does dancing along to our employee and fan picks help you feel like you’re at our restaurant? Then open your Spotify account (or create a new one), and get groovin’ along with us!

Oh What YUM!
The team at Wings and Rings loves the holidays so much they created their own playlist. Whether working in the kitchen, serving tables, or bringing your order out curbside, these holiday hits keep them in the spirit of the season.

From the Movies
From the classics to the more contemporary, holiday hits from movies abound. We’ve rounded up our favorites from Christmas movies that span all genres into one amazing playlist.

Ready to give our holiday Spotify playlists a spin? Listen to them on the way to your nearest Wings and Rings location for dine-in or pickup, or have them on in the background while you chow down on our wings or other menu items at home.

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