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Count on Wings and Rings for Amazing Chicken Wing Delivery

April 29, 2022

Sometimes, your gatherings are planned. You know who’s coming over, what game you’re watching, and all the food you’ll be eating and drinking. You’ve thought ahead and placed your order for carryout, picking up plenty of wings for a smaller crew or even ordered Wings and Rings catering for those bigger events.

Other times, your get-togethers roll on more of a drop-in basis. Whether that’s you showing up last minute to tailgate or having some friends stop by unannounced, food is usually a factor. (And that when reheating wings comes in real handy, too.)

And then there’s those times that you just plain forget to make any dinner plans. You’re so focused on the game or catching up with friends, you aren’t reminded of food until your stomach starts rumbling.

That’s when chicken wing delivery comes in handy. Simply log in to your app (or download it if you don’t already have it), choose delivery, and start placing orders.

Best Tips for Chicken Wing Delivery

Ready to get started? We suggest you learn these tips now so, should you find yourself in a pinch, you’ll be able to spend less time on queuing up delivery and more time on what really matters: friends, family, and sports. (Note: Only orders above $20 can be delivered.)


1. Open the app. Using our Wings and Rings app is the easiest way to order chicken wings right to your door. (But you can do it from your computer, too!) Select “Order” from the app and then choose the option for “Delivery” under your closest Wings and Rings location. (Make sure you have location services turned on so the app knows from which store to deliver.)
1. Place your order. From there, simply select your food items from the menu to get your starters, wings takeout, a chicken wings party platter, and more.
1. Add your details. When you’re done with your selections, review your order, then follow the prompts to add other requested information, like your phone number, address, time you’d like to have your order to your door, and that you’d like your food to be delivered.
1. Make a payment. Enter your payment information.
1. Check out. Hit the “checkout” button and await your fresh Wings and Rings delivery.

How many wings do I need per person?

It’s a good idea to plan on about six ounces per person (or five to six wings) as cooked chicken wings contain roughly one ounce of meat per wing. So for a crew of three, you’d order 15-20 chicken wings from Wings and Rings.

No matter how you order chicken wings for delivery, one thing you want to make sure of is that you order enough wings for everyone.

Chicken wing delivery for Mother’s Day and graduations

While delivery is always a perfect choice for those big game days and get-togethers, it’s also very convenient to also have a catering option for those other special life occasions — and Wings and Rings has both!

With Mother’s Day and graduations right around the corner, why not consider catering wings and other delicious menu items? That way you can spend more time with that special mother, grandmother, mother figure, or grad in your life and less time in the kitchen.

Our catering is available at select locations for either pickup or delivery — and is just the perfect thing for all the special events in your life, from graduations to celebrating mom and everything in between.

Are you ready to order delivery or catering today? If not, download our app and go sit on your couch — we got this.

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