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6 Reasons Why Buffalo Wings & Rings Chicken Beats the Rest

August 23, 2021

Lots of chicken restaurants talk about how their chicken is “the best.” They might discuss how their original buffalo wings are crispy or juicy or tender. How their wings are the meatiest. How their large portions really stack up against the competition. But they don’t often back up their claims.

At Buffalo Wings & Rings, our chicken IS the best, as our full dining rooms and multiple carry out and delivery options can attest. And we stand behind that statement 100 percent. Our chicken wings are fresh from the fridge. Our perfectly sized wings are always crispy, bite after delicious bite. Plus, you don’t even need a knife to slice through our chicken — it’s so tender and juicy any old fork will do.

For all these reasons and more, we stand by our statement that our chicken wings are Fresh, Never Frozen and Always Delicious.

  • Fresh, never frozen. Chef Dan Admire says wings taste best when they’re fresh and never see the inside of a freezer. Why? Well, when wings have been frozen, all the natural juices are lost in the freezing/thawing process. What you’re left with is a dry chicken that, when cooked, only becomes more dry — not juicy at all.
  • Passes the “fork test.” Buffalo Wings & Rings’ chicken passes “the fork test.” What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s the test of true tenderness: Our chicken can be sliced in half with just the side of the fork, it’s that tender. So if you don’t enjoy eating boneless wings with your hands, no worries — all you need is a fork for perfect, mess-less eating.
  • Crispy skin. Get out of here with that soggy stuff. When you bite into our wings, they’ll be nice and crispy every time. That’s because our traditional wings are cooked twice — the key to the bacon-like crunchy crispiness of our wings. “They are cooked twice here,” says Chef Dan. “We cook them and then chill them down and cook them again.”
  • Perfectly portioned. Contrary to what you might have heard, the biggest chicken isn’t necessarily the best chicken. While small wings and breasts will overcook easily, leaving you with hard, chewy meat, the mammoth pieces are no better. Large pieces of chicken can be tough and are hard to make crispy, what with all that extra skin. Our chicken is always the perfect size for maximum taste and tenderness.
  • Easy to reheat. Unlike the other big wing chains, our chicken wings are easy to reheat, and taste just as delicious as if you were dining in. Whether you need to reheat chicken wings leftovers the next day, you are serving them at a fantasy football draft party, or you are unable to eat them immediately after getting a chicken wings delivery and want to crisp them up a bit, we have you covered. Click here to learn how to reheat chicken wings.
  • Wings sauces galore. Lots of places promise tons of wings sauce options, but how many deliver on that promise? From our Chef’d Up Sauces to our Classics, and from our Dry Rubs to our Wing Style and with four varieties of wing choices (Traditional, Fried Boneless, Grilled Boneless, and Cauliflower) we offer you 176 ways to order and sauce your wings. How many other sports restaurants can say that?

Convinced yet? If not, we say the best way to discover how great our chicken is is to try it yourself. We have dine in, curbside pickup, and delivery available at almost all our locations. Order up and taste the difference!

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