Sauciety FAQ

What is the Buffalo Sauciety?

Buffalo Sauciety (pronounced saw-sigh-ah-tee) is our all-new loyalty club that makes members feel like VIPs with rewards and unique experiences.

What are the member benefits?

  • Earn points with every qualified purchase, which can be turned into rewards.
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent (Excludes alcohol, gift cards, catering and retail).
  • Redeem 100 points for a $10 Reward.
  • It’s more than just a points program—members also get in-store perks, promotions, exclusive experiences, and more.
  • Earn a free starter for joining.
  • Get access to other exclusive offers (birthday, anniversary).
  • Be the first to learn about new menu items.
  • Earn extra points for referring friends.

How do you sign up for the Buffalo Sauciety?

There are two methods to choose from:

  • Preferred method is by downloading the "Wings and Rings” app (App store or Google Play)
  • Via online web form at (also linked via the BWR main website)

How are points earned?

A barcode will print on the bottom of each receipt. Via the app, simply click on “claim points” on the home screen and scan the barcode, or manually enter the barcode number and points will automatically be applied (excluding alcohol, retail, gift cards and catering purchases). Via the web portal, guests click on “check in” and manually enter the code to claim the points.

How are offers redeemed?

Available offers can be viewed via the app, and when you're ready to redeem, simply click the “redeem” button and provide the offer code to provide to your server (or for coupons that are eligible for online use, enter the code at checkout).

What if I activate a reward and do not use it within the redeemable timeframe?

If you don’t use your reward code, the reward will go back to your account, so it will still be available when you’re ready to use it. Some rewards do have expiration dates associated with them, so you’ll need to redeem the rewards before that time.

Do points expire?

Points will automatically expire after 12 months of account inactivity (no claimed points in a 12-month period).

I scanned the barcode and didn't get the same amount of points as my order total. Why?

Some items are excluded from earning points - such as tax, alcohol, gift cards, catering and retail items. Your total earned points should equal the subtotal of your check, minus any of the above items.

Can more than one $10 reward be redeemed at a time?

Yes, you can bank up to $50 in rewards, but if you are inactive for 12 months, the rewards will expire. Rewards cannot be applied toward alcohol.

Does the full $10 reward amount need to be used for one purchase?

Once 100 points are earned, you will have “access” to redeem $10 in rewards, but you can choose how many of those rewards dollars to cash in. Any unused portion is saved and can be used on a future redemption.

What if I forget my smartphone? Can I scan the barcode later?

You have 48 hours to scan your receipt and get credit for the purchase, otherwise the barcode will "expire" and no longer be valid to claim.