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01 September 2021

There’s a Beer for That: Discover Buffalo Wings & Rings’ Perfect Pairings for National Beer Day

We all know beer goes with wings like salt goes with pepper, gin goes with tonic, peanut butter goes with jelly...you get the jist, right?

But did you know that the experts at Buffalo Wings & Rings also have beer type and style recommendations for lots of other menu items? That’s right, from popular picks like our Black & Bleu Burger and Mozzerella Sticks to limited time offers like our Sam Adams Drunken Nachos and Drunken Chicken Tenders — there’s a beer for that!

So, the next time you find yourself cozying up to the bar or table at Buffalo Wings & Rings, consider trying one of our perfect pairings. We bet you’ll come away with a new favorite pilsner, lager, IPA, or other delicious, refreshing brew to complement your favorite menu item!

5 Perfect Beer & Meal Pairings at Buffalo Wings & Rings

It’s no coincidence we have so many perfect pairing recommendations just in time for National Beer Day. The whole Buffalo Wings & Rings crew is always hard at work making sure your every experience is Club Level. Menu manager Rebecca Millay let us in on her carefully curated list of menu items and satisfying suds.

Limited Time Offers — Perfect for National Beer Day (starting 9/27)

  • Sam Adams Drunken Nachos start with a pile of tortilla chips smothered with house-made beer cheese that is then topped with delicious pulled pork, green onions, tomatoes, fresh jalapenos, and our sweet BBQ Sauce.
  • The ACS Chicken Ringer is a crispy, beer-battered chicken breast topped with applewood smoked bacon, beer cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato on a brioche bun with french fries. (Bonus: Twenty-five cents from every Chicken Ringer sold will be donated to the American Cancer Society.)
  • Our crispy, beer-battered Drunken Chicken Tenders are served with beer cheese dipping sauce and fries.

All of the beer cheese in our fall limited time offer menu is made with Sam Adams Boston Lager, which just happens to be the most refreshing beverage to pair with these three specials. “An ice cold Boston Lager or Sam Adams Oktoberfest is the perfect complement to these items,” Millay says.


  • Millay thinks a clean, crisp, light, highly carbonated American Lager is easy to pair with just about anything on the menu, but feels especially refreshing after polishing off a basket of our crispy, cheesy, hot Mozzarella Sticks dipped in marinara sauce.
  • The taste buds of those who enjoy Parmesan Garlic Aioli Fries, on the other hand, will delight in the complementary flavors of a Stout, a medium-light to medium-bodied beer with malt and light caramel flavors and a distinctive dry-roasted bitterness in the finish.

Salads & Vegetarian

You’d think it would be counterintuitive to drink beer with a salad. But the truth is, a nice, cold, light Pale Ale pairs wonderfully with our salad offerings, especially our Southwest Chicken Salad. The nice balance of malt, expressive hops, and the mildly bitter finish of pale ale matches the salad’s crispy freshness of the greens, avocado, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, scallions, cilantro, fresh jalapenos, and chipotle ranch bite after bite and sip after sip.

There are plenty of vegetarian options that work with our beer selection for National Beer Day too. For example, Millay suggests that our Old Bay Shrimp Basket tastes best with a Pilsner. Why? Well, because the German Pilsner has a malty sweetness and a medium to high hop bitterness that brings out the best in the classic Old Bay seasoning that coats the shrimp. Plus it refreshingly washes down the garlic medium dipping sauce and sea salt fries.

Sandwiches & Burgers

Ask your server to bring you the Black & Bleu Burger, and while you’re at it, add a hoppy IPA to the order. “Intense flavors such as the bleu cheese in our Black & Bleu Burger pair well with the strong hops and alcohol content of an IPA,” Millay says.

It seems impossible that anything could make our new Korean Chicken Ringer taste better than it already does, what with the beer-battered, premium-cut chicken breast topped with zesty gochujang sauce and Asian slaw. But believe it or not, we made the impossible possible with the addition of a Hefeweizen (or Wheat) beer. Bubbly, full-bodied, amber in color, and yeasty, you’ll taste and smell hints of banana and clove in this popular brew, all of which serve to complement the sweet-and-spicy blend of the chicken sandwich, offers Millay.


When in doubt, Millay says a great rule of thumb for successfully pairing beer and food is to match strength-with-strength or to pair complementary flavors. For example, when eating spicy wings like our Buffalo Hot or Sweet Thai Chili, opt to cool off with a light- or medium-bodied beer like a Lager or Pale Ale. Conversely, if you’d rather tear into some fan favorites like our dry-rubbed Cajun or Garlic Parmesan, then ordering an IPA or Stout would be your best call.

Ultimately, the combination is up to you and there really isn’t a wrong menu or beer option when it comes to eating and drinking at Buffalo Wings & Rings on National Beer Day!

Ready to try one (or more) of these expert pairings or to create your own? Head on down to your nearest Buffalo Wings & Rings today!