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21 July 2021

6 Ways Every Day Is National Milkshake Day at Buffalo Wings & Rings

There are so many “national days” to celebrate here at Buffalo Wings & Rings. While the one closest to our hearts is National Chicken Wing Day (July 29) we also love celebrating National Cheeseburger Day (September 18), National Beer Day (April 7), and of course, National Milkshake Day (September 12).

Why National Milkshake Day? Well, as our very own Chef Dan says, “What’s not to like about your choice of four different flavors layered with chocolate and topped with whipped cream and a cherry?!”

We couldn’t agree more! Our milkshakes are sure to satisfy your craving for sweet treats. We whip up Mega Milkshakes in flavors ranging from vanilla to chocolate to cookies and cream, and our most popular: the Epic Oreo Milkshake.

Our Epic Oreo Milkshake starts with a vanilla shake with Oreos mixed in plus a chocolate layer in the center and is topped with both crushed and whole Oreos, and finally is finished with whipped cream and a cherry on top — truly epic!

Do we have you excited for National Milkshake Day yet? The good news is you don’t have to wait till the 12th to celebrate. We think every day can be National Milkshake Day at Buffalo Wings & Rings as so many of our wings and appetizer options were simply meant to be paired with milkshakes. Read more below as Chef Dan offers his take on some truly awesome twosomes to help you create the perfect order.

6 Perfect Wing Orders to Pair on National Milkshake Day

While Chef Dan plans on eating an MVP Chicken Ringer sandwich and an Epic Oreo Milkshake in honor of National Milkshake day, he says these other combos also go together perfectly.

  1. Try the Ghost Pepper Ranch wings with a Vanilla Mega Milkshake as the cool ice cream will help counter all that heat.
  2. Chef Dan recommends chowing down on BBQ wings with a Chocolate Mega Milkshake as “The depth of flavor and smokiness in the BBQ is a good match for the complex flavors of chocolate.”
  3. The tartness of our Lemon Pepper dry rubbed wings goes perfectly with the fruitiness of the strawberries in our Strawberry Mega Milkshake.
  4. “The variety of flavors in our Korean wing sauce go great with the Cookies & Cream Mega Milkshake,” Chef Dan says. “The rich flavors in the sauce match the familiar cookies and cream taste while the spicy heat complements the creamy cold.”
  5. Chef Dan insists there’s no better match for the Epic Oreo Milkshake than the MVP Chicken Ringer sandwich — you get two awesome classics in one meal!
  6. Here’s how you get your kids to eat their vegetables: Pair them with our Kids Shakes! “In my experience kids will have a shake with anything...you might even get them to eat broccoli if a shake is dangled in front of them!” Chef Dan says.

Ready to test out these combinations yourself? Head on over to your nearest participating Buffalo Wings & Rings location and place an order for curbside pickup or dine-in today!