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08 September 2020

How to host an outdoor movie night… for sports

As summer winds down and temperatures become bearable, there’s no better time than now to host an outdoor movie night in your backyard.

Or better yet, as sports return, a backyard sports viewing party, complete with comfy blankets and chairs. Hosting a tailgate in your backyard is one way to enjoy games like you used to in the good old days (aka 2019). So as you gear up for the start of the NFL season, we have some ideas on how to enjoy watching this season with friends safely.

Before you start sending out invites, make sure you have a plan, proper equipment, and mouthwatering food (preferably our wings). Here’s our how-to guide on everything you need to set up your outdoor movie night.

How to set up

Projector. First thing’s first: if you don’t have one already, you’ll need a projector. There are lots of different projectors to choose from that are great for outdoor movie nights, but you’ll probably want one that can easily attach to your laptop via an HDMI cable for easy streaming. These can range from $80 to $300+, so consider how often you’d like to use the projector before making the investment.

Sound. You won’t want any technical difficulties the night-of (the world had enough of those with all the video calls this year), so first ensure that your speakers and projector will be compatible. There are tons of speakers to choose from ranging from as little as $35 to $350+ and plenty of resources for picking the right sound system that works especially well for outdoor activities.

Screen. If you don’t have a big blank space (like a garage door) in your backyard setup, you’ll need to hang a large sheet on a fence, wall, or between trees. Canvas sheets work great, but a plain white bed sheet can work just as well for your outdoor movie screen. There are also tutorials online to set up a standalone outdoor movie screen using PVC pipes.

Ambiance. For ambiance, set up paper lanterns, tiki torches or solar-powered lights. Have some camping chairs and outdoor quilts and picnic blankets at the ready, or ask that guests bring their own camping chairs. Make sure you also have a table to the side reserved for the food and drinks.

Keep bugs away. Keep the bugs away by removing any areas with standing water like bird baths or toys in the yard. Get a citronella candle for the yard, which helps keep the bugs away, and keep some spray on hand to offer to guests.

What to watch

What's on now. With the exception of college football, most big-name sports in the U.S. have found a way to keep on truckin’ through the pandemic. We wrote about some sports that returned to our TVs in July and how to tune in, which you can see here.

A classic game. Hosting your mini party at a time when less-than-opportune sports are on? Watch the old classics. From the Yankees and Red Sox intense Aaron Boone game to the Warriors and Cavs’ 2016 NBA final, we listed out some of our favorites on our blog here

What to serve

Nothing goes together quite like wings and sports. At Buffalo Wings & Rings, we have plenty of options for backyard sports gatherings, whether you have five people or fifteen. We have countless offers and promos, like…

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Ready to host your outdoor movie night? Send us pictures of your setup and your wings. And don’t forget that we’re always on call for your wing cravings. Order for pickup, delivery, or check out our locations for dining in.