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15 July 2020

8 Combinations to Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day 2021

Ah, chicken wings: a staple of the American diet that should be celebrated. Did you know that the average American will eat nearly 18,000 chicken wings in their lifetime? Fittingly, one day a year is devoted to the celebration of chicken wings, but we believe wings deserve more than one day of celebration. That’s why at Buffalo Wings & Rings, we’ve declared August National Chicken Wing Month, just after our favorite day of the year — July 29.

Wait, July 29 is National What Day?

July 29, 2021 is National Chicken Wing Day. It’s a day that celebrates every type of chicken wings… whether you’re enjoying wings in the buffalo, BBQ or garlic parmesan variety, National Chicken Wing Day celebrates wings of all shapes, sizes and flavors.

So, what better way to ring in National Wing Day 2021 than with 8 perfectly curated meal combinations from Buffalo Wings & Rings? After you celebrate on July 29, you may as well make every Wednesday #WingWednesday.

Here are our recommendations for 8 delicious meals — all items of which are on the Buffalo Wings & Rings menu — that will help you turn every Wednesday into International Wing Day this summer and beyond:

1. The classics

The Wings: Buffalo

  • The Starter: Ranchero Tots
  • The Drink: Your draft beer of choice
  • The Side: Natural Cut Fries
  • The Dessert: Chocolate Mega Milkshake

This combination merges all things that should come to mind when you think of Buffalo Wings & Rings. To compliment your classic buffalo wings and draft beer of choice (we recommend Coors Light), start off with our classic Ranchero tots, which are filled with bacon and cheese and topped with jalapenos, cilantro and chipotle ranch. Enjoy our natural cut fries on the side and if you’ve got room for more, don’t forget to wash it all down with one of our chocolate mega milkshakes.

2. Garlic for days

The Wings: Roasted Garlic

  • The Starter: Parmesan Garlic Aioli Fries
  • The Drink: Your choice of white wine
  • The Side: Broccoli
  • The Dessert: Chocolate Croissant

There are countless holistic health benefits to adding a lot of garlic to your diet… and it’s just downright delicious. Begin your meal with our flavorful parmesan garlic aioli fries and a cold glass of white wine. Of course you’ll have to give our roasted garlic wings a try, but all this garlic will need a side of our steamed broccoli to keep things balanced. Finish off your meal with two puff pastries filled with reach and creamy chocolate and topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.

3. Here comes the sun

The Wings: Lemon Pepper Dry Seasoning

  • The Starter: Barbeque Chicken Quesadilla
  • The Drink: Coconut Cooler
  • The Side: Saratoga Chips
  • The Dessert: Rock’d Daiquiri

If you’re going to pick any Wing Wednesday meal to eat on the patio, this is it. Nothing says summer like barbeques, daiquiris and all things lemon. That’s why for this summer meal we recommend starting with the barbeque chicken quesadilla paired with a nonalcoholic coconut cooler. Then enjoy your wings with our lemon pepper dry seasoning, it has just enough bite to satisfy your cravings, plus our saratoga chips make for a great side. Finally, do Captain Morgan spiced rum daiquiris count as desserts? Well, they do now.

4. For your sweet tooth

The Wings: Sweet BBQ

  • The Starter: Cauliflower Wings
  • The Drink: Chocolate Bacon Manhattan
  • The Side: Homemade Coleslaw
  • The Dessert: Turtle Lava Cake

Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth, this combo is to die for. Start with our cauliflower wings appetizer which, when roasted or fried, brings out natural sugars according to our very own Chef Dan. Never thought of combining bacon, bourbon and chocolate into one drink? Well, we did that. And trust us — it’s more delicious than it sounds. Enjoy your sweet BBQ wings and side of our sweet & tangy homemade coleslaw. Of course you can’t forget the turtle lava cake to finish off your sweet meal. Yum!

5. Spice things up

The Wings: Peach Habanero

  • The Starter: Buffalo Chicken Nachos
  • The Drink: Buffalo Mary
  • The Side: Southwest Salmon Salad
  • The Dessert: Vanilla Mega Milkshake

Did you know when you eat spicy food, your body actually produces endorphins to help stem the pain of the spice? To put it simply… spicy food makes you happy. If you think you can take the heat, start off with our buffalo chicken nachos covered in fresh jalapenos and pair it with a Buffalo Mary cocktail that includes Tito’s Vodka and buffalo hot sauce. Our peach habanero wings give the perfect balance of heat & sweet for spice lovers, and enjoy our southwest salmon salad topped with jalapenos for a hot side dish. If your mouth hasn’t burst into flames yet, wash it all down with a vanilla mega milkshake for some relief. Delish!

6. Around the World

The Wings: Sweet Thai Chili

  • The Starter: Korean Shrimp
  • The Drink: Ring-A-Rita
  • The Side: Southwest Chicken Salad
  • The Dessert: Epic Oreo Milkshake

If you're looking to get a quarantine celebration redo, you may as well use your #WingWednesday as a chance to experience the flavors of the world. Start with a spicy Korean Shrimp appetizer and wash it down with our signature margarita. The smell of our sweet Thai chili wings alone are enough to make your mouth water. Then, experience the flavors of the southwest with our chicken salad. As for the Oreo milkshake? We don’t have an explanation for that. You just really can’t go wrong with Oreos.

7. Say “Cheese!”

The Wings: Garlic Parmasean

  • The Starter: Mozzarella Sticks
  • The Drink: Iced Tea
  • The Side: Bacon Mac & Cheese
  • The Dessert: Vanilla Creme Brulee Cheesecake

Cheese: the food that is, scientifically, a proven feel-good food. Start with crispy mozzarella sticks and pair it with a refreshing iced tea. A fan favorite, you’ll have to experience the joy of both parmesan and garlic by choosing garlic parm for your #WingWednesday wings. And don’t forget your side of that classic, creamy, downright delicious bacon mac & cheese. Fittingly, you’ll have to finish your cheesy meal off with cheesecake. Treat yourself!

8. Veg out with vegetarian options

The Wings: Cauliflower Wings

  • The Starter: Veggie Quesadilla
  • The Drink: Pop Rocking Lemonade
  • The Side: Harvest Salad
  • The Dessert: Strawberry Mega Milkshake

Who says vegetarians don’t get to experience the joy of International Wing Day and #WingWednesday? No meat, no problem. We have plenty of options for plant-based meals. Start with our veggie quesadilla, a healthy whole wheat tortilla filled with tomatoes, green peppers, portabella mushrooms, red onions and cheddar jack cheese and wash it down with pop rocking lemonade. Along with our tasty vegan cauliflower wings, we also have a wholesome harvest salad full of fresh veggies. Finish it all with our strawberry mega milkshake.

Whether you stick with one of our combinations or mix and match to create your dream combination, we have plenty of options for your National Chicken Wing Day celebrations. Are you prepared for National Wing Day? At Buffalo Wings & Rings, we have a few deals up our sleeve. Follow us on Facebook or check your local Buffalo Wings & Rings for more information. Happy National Chicken Wing day. We’ll see you on July 29th!