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19 June 2020

Missing sports? 5 classic games to watch online now

Missing sports yet? We are, too. Thankfully, many classic games from the last three decades are available to stream online, often for free. While it would be impossible to include all the best moments, we picked five from various sports — games that included everything from improbable comebacks to moments of resilience.

Pick your one or two favorites and spend a day watching sports… like old times. Don’t forget your side of wings to go along with your classic game rendition. Order wings for delivery or pickup today.

Here are five incredible games from the last 30 years that are arguably worth a re-watch:

1. Warriors and Cavaliers get heated in the 2016 NBA Finals

In a dramatic back and forth affair, the Warriors had won game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals, giving them a 3-1 lead. But the Cavaliers came through with wins in games 5 and 6. Game 7 became the wildly anticipated moment of truth as to which team would win it all — especially since LeBron James had promised Cleveland that he’d “bring one trophy back to Northeast Ohio.” If the Cavs won, it would be their first big league sports title since 1964.

The teams stay neck in neck up until the last second, where a 3-pointer and a free throw seal the deal. In case you missed ABC’s replay of the epic game on Easter Sunday, you can watch it at your convenience on ESPN when you add your cable provider.

2. Tiger Woods limps through 2008 U.S. Open

Many remember Woods limping through the course, playing on a broken leg and a torn ACL. Advised by his doctor not to compete in case of permanent damage, Woods competed anyway. But no one really knew the true extent of his injuries until after he faced off with Rocco Mediate in sudden death.

Needing a birdie on the par-5 18th hole in the final round, Woods attempted a putt from 12 feet, on a line that many before him have failed.

Watch the highlights, behind the scenes footage and interviews from the United States Golf Association here, or watch the full match here.

3. Serena Williams faces off with her sister in 2017 Australian Open — while pregnant

The Williams sisters were the last two standing in the 2017 Australian Open and tensions were running high. Early in the match, Serena served three tentative double-faults in a span of four points. She can be seen smashing her racket in frustration.

The craziest part wasn’t even that Serena went head to head with her more experienced sister — she later revealed that during this match, she was two months pregnant. You can watch this in full on YouTube.

4. Cowboys vow to beat 49ers with a famous guarantee in 1993

Enjoy the play-by-play of two of the greatest commentators of all time — John Madden and Pat Summeral — while you watch a game ESPN named one of the 10 most memorable in the history of Texas Stadium.

Before the game, Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson famously guaranteed that his team would win, so the stakes were high.

The Cowboys scored three unanswered touchdowns, pushing the score to 28-7 before halftime. The game only became more intense from there — ending with a 42-year touchdown and a 50-yard field goal — but we won’t give all the highlights away. We’ll just say that you’ll see some of the best players face off: quarterbacks Troy Aikman vs. Steve Young; running backs Ricky Waters vs. Emmit Smith, and wide receivers Jerry Rice vs. Michael Irvin. You can watch the game on YouTube here.

5. Yankees and Red Sox have an intense Game 7 at 2003 ALCS game

Ask a Red Sox fan about this game, and they might call it "the Grady-Pedro game,” named for the manager’s decision to let one of baseball’s greatest pitchers keep throwing. A Yankees fan, on the other hand, will say it’s "the Aaron Boone game."

At the height of the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry, this game became one of the most historic for both teams. The game 7 final showdown came after the teams split the first six games, setting the stage for a dramatic final game where Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez would face off.

As the teams stayed neck in neck, the game went into extra innings with a historic game-ending home run. Watch the game in full on YouTube here.

Sound like some games you’d like to sit back and eat some wings to? We’re here for all your sport-watching munchie needs. Order wings for delivery or pickup today.