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17 June 2020

5 Ideas For Re-Doing Your Quarantine Celebrations

Did your birthday, graduation or anniversary fall during quarantine? As more businesses begin slow openings, there’s plenty of opportunity to celebrate somewhere safely. Whether it’s inside with games, in the great outdoors or at a delicious restaurant, you deserve a celebration re-do. Here are some ideas to get a do-over for your special day.

1. Celebrate with at-home olympics

Missing sports but want to keep the spirit of the games alive? Instead of having any old party at home, hold a tournament of in-house games.

For inspiration, check out one family who went viral on TikTok with their series of at-home “Quarantine Olympics.” From blindfolded toilet paper dodgeball to stair sledding to roomba balloon-popping, there are tons of silly games that you can play around the house and get competitive.

People of any age will enjoy the little competition. Olympic games not your style? We also put together a list of 50 things to do while you’re stuck at home.

2. Celebrate with a park picnic

Whether you’re having a re-do celebration of your 5-year-old’s cancelled birthday or a graduation bash, a simple, easy way to celebrate in the summertime is with a park picnic.

Many parks allow you to reserve a pavilion and have trash cans available, so it makes for both an easy set-up and clean-up. It’s also budget and social-distance friendly. Instead of having to worry about keeping sandwiches cold, order your delivery straight to the park. We have catering options and family packs and are happy to deliver to your park celebration. Just don’t skimp out on the order...the wings go fast.

3. Celebrate with an overnight camping trip

There’s no greater place for social distancing than in the great outdoors in the early summertime. Many campgrounds across the country have opened and are taking reservations, including Kentucky State Parks, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Ohio State Parks.

Camping is an easy way to get friends together without getting fancy. It doesn’t take a lot of planning or expectations. Just grab your friends, a tent and some chairs. And don’t forget the materials for s’mores.

4. Celebrate with faraway friends via video trivia

For your friends and family who may not be comfortable joining gatherings in-person just yet or are too far to travel, you can get creative with your video calls — add trivia!

It doesn’t have to be any old trivia: pick a theme, dress the part, and challenge your friends to change their Zoom backgrounds, too. At Buffalo Wings and Rings, we’ve been having weekly themed trivia nights and had success with Disney, 90s, and even Tiger King themes. Get theme ideas from our Herd from Home trivia on our Facebook page.

And since you would have catered for your party, why not order delivery to your faraway friends’ doorsteps? It’d be a welcome surprise that wouldn’t be forgotten anytime soon. We’re happy to deliver right to your door at any of our 59 locations around the country. Order online and get a family meal bundle.

5. Celebrate on the Buffalo Wings & Rings patio

Cabin fever is real, and we’re all looking for ways to get outside of the house. At BWR, we have measures in place to make our patio dining not only safe, but also enjoyable. Whether you come visit us, or you pick up an order for your own porch or picnic, there are countless benefits to dining outside.

If you’d prefer the comfort of air-conditioning and countless TVs, our indoor space is open too with safety protocols in place.

When it comes to celebrating the special days you’ve missed out on, late is better than never. No matter what your special day is, we look forward to ringing it in with you.