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Spreadin' the Buffalove

24 March 2020

Buffalove vows to grant $10,000 to children in need

Did you know that 51% of children attending the public school system in the United States take advantage of free or reduced lunch programs? That’s about 26 million children who rely on their schools to feed them.

Now that children all across the country are finding themselves without school for an indefinite period of time, where will they turn to for those 10 lost meals a week? It’s going to be up to government and private organizations to rise to the challenge, organizations like the Buffalove Foundation, which has been giving back to the communities they serve through community service, grants, food drives, and more since 2016.

Buffalove’s Commitment

Typically, the Buffalove Foundation awards up to $2,500 every quarter in grants. Due to current events in Buffalo Wings & Rings communities, the foundation has quadrupled its grant money to $10,000, effective immediately.

“The grant money will specifically go to communities that weren’t prepared or who were hit hard with childhood hunger recently,” William Stone, Social/Advertisement & Buffalo Coordinator said. “We’re looking to award four $2,500 grants to four different organizations in our communities. We are trying to help as much as we can.”

Apply for a Grant

Any organization committed to feeding hungry children in the Buffalo Wings & Rings demographic areas is welcome to apply.

Don’t wait. Apply for a grant to feed one of the most vulnerable populations in your area right now.