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Spreadin' the Buffalove

20 January 2020

The Buffalove Foundation Serves Those Who Need It Most

At Buffalo Wings & Rings, we do more than dish out delicious food and libations. We are all about doing more for those around us — a lot more. Since July 2016, the Buffalove Foundation has been giving back to the local communities it serves through community service, grants, food drives, and more, all with the goal to "Give every hungry child the food they need to flourish with access to regular meals and a side of love."

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We strive for great growth within the foundation, aiming to serve more communities and feed more hungry children year after year. This year was no exception, as we saw tremendous growth through our outreach programs and individual donations. Read on for some of the highlights as well as information on how you can get involved.

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2019 Buffalove Foundation Highlights

  • Thirty-one Buffalo Wings & Rings locations across the country participated in the foundation's Round Up program, which gives Buffalo Wings & Rings' customers the opportunity to round up their bills to the nearest dollar to give back to the foundation. This year's Round Up revenue doubled 2018's contributions.
  • Fifteen thousand dollars in grant money was given out to community programs including:
    • Project 58:10 (Somerset, KY), to help fund a backpack program for kids to have access to food on the weekends and during long school breaks.
    • New Haven Elementary Schools (Union, KY), to employ a summer lunch program onsite at two low-income mobile home communities. Meals fed any child who needed food three times a week.
    • Project Hope Inc. (Omaha, NE), for a dairy program at a full-service pantry that provides essential foods such as milk, eggs, and cheese to area families.
    • 3CDC (Cincinnati, OH), to provide lunch and snacks to underprivileged children during a nine-week period at Zeigler Park Summer Camp.
    • 7 Hills Church (Florence, KY), to provide Thanksgiving meals to more than 1,500 families. The church also worked to serve 180 schools in the area and 9,000 children in the tri-state area.
  • On February 19, franchises and staff members participated in their National Day of Service by volunteering their time and talents to area food pantries, children's homes, or wherever a need was identified.
  • Also on February 19, Buffalo Wings & Rings was recognized by Facebook as a national non-profit. That means that Facebook users can select Buffalove as an organization to donate funds for occasions such as a birthday or other event.
  • On May 17, Buffalove Foundation volunteers went to New Haven Elementary School (Union, KY), to teach fourth and fifth graders about healthy eating via workshops on the right kinds of food to eat, sustainability, and food sourcing.
  • A new Buffalove video was unveiled at the National Franchise Conference on June 24, which gave the foundation the opportunity to show the Facebook community as well as franchise partners the impact it has had on eliminating child hunger.
  • On August 1, the Buffalove store was opened to Buffalo Wings & Rings employees. Fifty percent of items sold from this department go directly back to the foundation.
  • The first annual Buffalove canned food drive benefiting St. Vincent De Paul was held on August 17. More than 1,200 meals were donated to be dispersed to food pantries throughout the city.
  • On November 21-28, Buffalove volunteers helped pack more than 1,500 holiday meal boxes for families in need in partnership with 7 Hills Church. The church worked with over 80 schools across the tri-state area and provided holiday meals for more than 12,000 people.

2020 Buffalove Foundation Goals

In 2020, the foundation hopes to build on 2019's momentum and double the amount of grants given. "We are going to strive to have more direct service in our communities and touch more lives personally than we ever have before," William Stone, Social/Advertisement & Buffalove Coordinator said. "Providing funding to different organizations across the United States is so important. We are ensuring they have the funding they request, within our guidelines, to keep their programs going and growing!"

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The Buffalove Foundation has set a fundraising goal of $100,000 in 2020. To learn more about the foundation or donate, click here.