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25 November 2019

Holiday Bingo

The holidays are all about gathering with family and friends, eating, drinking, sharing stories, and enjoying one another's company.

While all of that can certainly be entertainment enough, occasionally you might find yourself with a lull in conversation or with an hour or two to spare between nap number one and happy hour. When that occurs, we've learned that the perfect thing to fill those gaps is a good old-fashioned game like this version of Holiday Bingo. Plus it's a great activity for adults and kids alike.

So the next time the kids remark that they're bored or you need a way to distract your siblings from arguing over who was the better child (again), simply declare yourself the Master of Holiday Entertainment, get out the Buffalo Wings & Rings starters and wings, and start passing out bingo cards. Add to the fun by bringing along small prizes for the winners.

How Does Holiday Bingo Work?

Plan ahead and print off enough copies for everyone who will be at your gathering (more if you plan to play more than once). Be sure to bring writing instruments or have some available to you to mark off each square as you play. You can print these at home using standard printer paper or use card stock and a color printer to make them a little more sturdy and festive.

Directions: Pass out a bingo card to all participants as well as a writing tool. For this game of bingo, there's no need to stay put. Instead keep your card and pen with you throughout the afternoon or a set time period and simply mark your square every time one of the words on the Bingo card is mentioned.

Set up what kind of game you're playing at the start. Whether you choose a straight line, diagonal, a coverall, or four corners, we promise you'll have lots of fun trying to "catch" the words being uttered in regular conversation.

The first person to mark off all squares in the designated game wins!

Holiday Bingo Cards:

Get downloadable bingo cards here.

Bingo Card

Holiday Spaces:

  1. Free
  2. Santa
  3. Candy Canes
  4. Cookies
  5. Toys
  6. Drinks - Cheers
  7. Dessert
  8. Wreath
  9. Elf
  10. Rudolph
  11. Grinch
  12. Nice - List
  13. Naughty - List
  14. Reindeer
  15. Stocking
  16. Wings
  17. Weather
  18. Presents
  19. Angel
  20. Ornament
  21. Ice Skate
  22. Holly
  23. Lump of Coal
  24. Snowflake
  25. Party
  26. Family
  27. Fire
  28. Hat
  29. Recipe

Thanksgiving Bingo Cards:

Get downloadable bingo cards here.

Bingo Card

Not into Bingo or have more time to fill? Try a white elephant exchange. No matter how you pass the time during your holiday gatherings, Buffalo Wings & Rings is there to help with online ordering. No time to stop in the day of the gathering? No problem! Our wings also reheat well at home.