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07 October 2019

BWR Sports Their Pink Ribbon Pride This October

While October is a month that's become synonymous with all things fall, including pumpkin and pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, cooler weather, and football, what we'd really like to focus our attention on is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and its corresponding pink ribbon.

Buffalo Wings & Rings has long been supporting breast cancer research, from our Chip in for a Cause campaign to our current, limited edition Pink Pride tumbler fundraiser, with all proceeds benefiting The American Cancer Society. We are happy to show our pink ribbon pride year round, but this month especially, as we take a look back on the beginnings of pink pride and what it means to those affected by breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon Meaning

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was designated in 1985 as an annual international health campaign to raise support, awareness, and funds to go toward research, diagnosis, cause, prevention, treatment, and a cure.

In 1993, the color pink (and specifically the pink ribbon) came to symbolize the month and breast cancer awareness when Evelyn Lauder (of the Estee Lauder Companies) started using the pink ribbon as a symbol of her foundation, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (though peach and pink ribbons had already been used in several other related campaigns).

Since then, the pink ribbon symbol has shown up everywhere, from the NFL to 5Ks and from yogurt labels to your local eating establishments, all to raise awareness and money to find a cure. And, the pink ribbon works — some organizations estimate that nearly 600 million dollars is devoted to breast cancer research every year.

BWR & the Pink Ribbon Campaign

Buffalo Wings & Rings is proud to support Pink Ribbon Month. "Supporting and giving back to our communities is very important to Buffalo Wings & Rings," marketing manager Linsey Case said. "Several members of the Buffalo Wings & Rings family have been directly affected by cancer of some type, so raising funds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a perfect fit and has been well-received by our franchisees."

Funds raised during Pink Ribbon Month are given to The American Cancer Society, with 79% of proceeds going to cancer research, patient support, prevention information and education, and detection and treatment information, Case said.

In the four years BWR has been supporting Pink Ribbon Month, they've seen their contributions grow in size, nearly doubling funds raised from $17,536 in 2017 to $31,358 in 2018.

To help contribute to the Pink Ribbon cause this month, visit your local Buffalo Wings & Rings and get your Pink Pride tumbler today!