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16 July 2018

Crestview Hills, KY BW&R Hosts First Annual Hero Night

This summer, a soon-to-be tradition began at BWR in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Together with twelve first responder units from the surrounding area, Store Manager Noel Morgan hosted the very first Hero Night - a dine-to-donate event directly supporting the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Although raising donations was the main goal of this event, the first responders of Northern Kentucky took it to the next level. In the parking lot just outside of the restaurant, every type of first responder vehicle imaginable sat ready for kids and adults alike to learn more about what these brave men and women do. While firetrucks are usually the fan favorite, the SWAT team’s armored personnel carrier stole the most attention from awe-struck little ones.

“Police and fire teams do not get enough recognition for what they do,” Morgan says. “Regardless of the situation, these guys are ready to help. It takes a special person to make that sacrifice.” To Morgan, and to many who attended, this event was very personal. “My wife watches two little girls and their dad is a firefighter, so I know what life without him would look like for them. That being said, choosing these two organizations to donate to was a no-brainer for me.”

Due to the efforts of Morgan and his team, over $700 was raised to support first responders and those who have lost their lives to keep their communities safe. However, to BWR, this event was not about money, but about showing our first responders that they are one of us, and they deserve respect and a place in our communities. The message Morgan wants this event to speak to? “Just say thanks. If you see a firefighter, if you see a cop, just say thanks, because they do more for us than we will ever know.”